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uhf vehicular Dipole
225 to 450 MHz
The RF-3184-AT320 UHF antenna is an omnidirectional,
center-fed dipole antenna for use with the AN/PRC-117F,
AN/PRC-117G, RF-7800M-MP, RF-5800M and AN/VRC-103
Falcon II® and Falcon III® radio systems. It bolts directly to
the Harris RF-292 Universal Antenna Mount or a NATO
standard 4.5-inch bolt circle found on most military vehicles.
The RF connection is Type N (female) and it is located in the
antenna base.
The antenna consists of a spring base and fiberglass
encased dipole radiator. Rated at 100 watts of power, the
RF-3184-AT320 does not require a ground plane or tuning
The complete package includes the antenna assembly
and mounting hardware. The RF-292 Universal Mount
or other mounting hardware must be ordered
Specifications for the RF-3184-AT320
n Length
35 inches (88.9 cm)
n Frequency Range
225 - 450 MHz
n RF Power Capacity
100 watts
n Input Impedance
50 ohms nominal
n Radiation Pattern
Omnidirectional in azimuth,
see radiation pattern below
n Polarization
Linearly polarized, relative to 50 ohms
< 3.0:1, relative to 50 ohms
n Gain
+0 dBi
n Meets MIL-STD-810F
n Weight
6.1 lbs. (2.77 kg)
n Color
RF-3184-AT320: 383 Green
RF-3184-AT324: 686 Tan
n Mounting
Four 0.5-inch holes, equally spaced around a
4.5-inch bolt circle
n Hardware Included
(4) 3/8 - 24 X 2-inch bolts
(4) 3/8 - 16 X 2.5-inch bolts
(4) 3/8 - 16 nuts
(4) 3/8 lock washers
(8) 3/8 flat washers
(1) 12.5-inch ground strap
(1) rubber gasket
n Rugged, high quality construction
n Easily installs on vehicle or shelter
n RF Connector
Type N female
n Ground plane and tuning electronics not required
n Immersion to 2m depth
RF-3184 Typical Radiation Pattern when mounted on corner of HMWVV
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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