Media Converters
Repeaters and Optimizers
Optical Self-Healing Switch
1+1 hot stand-by path protection
- Point-to-point
- Ring
Link switchover times of 10 ms or less
Protocol independence
1260 nm through 1620 nm wavelength range
Maximum insertion loss of 5 dB per link
Transparent network operation
The Fiber Driver® Optical Self-Healing Switch from MRV (EM316OSSH)
makes creating a redundant optical link easier and more affordable than
ever before. Designed to provide full path protection for mission critical
networks, the module is capable of automatically switching between
a primary and secondary (backup) link virtually instantaneously in the
event of a fiber cut or transponder failure.
As an all optical device performing no optical-electrical-optical (OEO)
conversion, the EM316OSSH remains protocol independent. It accepts
all wavelengths from 1260 nm to 1620 nm (including the 1310 nm
and 1550 nm bands), making it suitable for virtually any application
including WDM path protection. The module can provide 1+1 hot
stand-by protection in resilient point-to-point or Optical Unidirectional
Path Switched Ring (O-UPSR) deployments. Insertion loss is a maximum
of 5 dB per pair of EM316OSSH modules.
Application #1: Point to Point
Redundant Link
Primary Link
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Media Converters
Repeaters and Optimizers
Link switchover of 10 milliseconds or less is controlled by
circuitry directly on the module. The switchover occurs
so quickly that convergence protocols such as Spanning
Tree or OSPF may never be triggered. The event remains
transparent to both the network and the end user. The
primary and secondary links are continuously monitored.
The module can be set to automatically return to the
primary link if it fails and then comes back online.
In addition to loss of link detection , the EM316OSSH can
be set to trigger a switchover based upon a lower optical
power threshold of -5, -10, -15, -20, or –30 dBm. If the RX
signal strength falls below the set threshold, the module
automatically switches to the secondary link.
The EM316OSSH may be configured through onboard
DIP switch settings or from SNMP, Telnet, and local
commands. A Fiber Driver Network Management Module
installed in the same chassis paired with the Optical SelfHealing Switch is compatible with MegaVision Pro®, the
MRV network management system (NMS), or any SNMPenabled NMS. Management functions include alarm and
trap control, primary and secondary path configuration,
optical power threshold settings, module status check, and
other useful parameters.
Contact your MRV Communications representative or visit for additional information on the
Fiber Driver Optical Self-Healing Switch .
Physical Specifications
Operating Temperature Range
00C to 600C (320F to 1400F)
Storage Temperature
-400C to 750C (-400F to 1670F)
Relative Humidity
85% maximum, non-condensing
Physical Dimensions
25 mm x 75 mm x 175 mm deep (1” x 3” x 7” deep)
Approximately 213 g (7.5 oz)
Regulatory Compliance
FCC Part 15 (Class A); IC (Class A); EMC Directive: Emission (Class A) and Immunity;
RoHS Directive; China RoHS; WEEE Directive
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Media Converters
Repeaters and Optimizers
Ordering Information
Range (nm)
Max. Insertion
Loss (dB)
Optical Switch, self-healing
1260 / 1620
5 (per link)
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