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Compatt Mk4 MF (Discontinued)
Key Features
Sonardyne's COMPuting and
Telemetering Transponder (Compatt)
Mk4 is a microprocessor controlled
subsea transponder used for acoustic
navigation and positioning.
Available in three frequencies to suit
varying requirements of accuracy
and range, Compatt is the
internationally recognised instrument
for subsea construction, survey and
field development applications.
• Sequential mode operation with 15
individual channel frequencies
The latest release of Compatt
firmware gives complete flexibility
over choice of interrogates and
replies channels. By adding 3 extra
frequency channels, it is now
possible to operate 3 systems in
close proximity without mutual
interference during navigation*.
Also included is the ability to lock
the Compatt status so that command
corruption will not be able to take a
beacon off-line accidentally.
• Simultaneous receiver card for high
speed positional updates
• Unique addresses allow up to 945
Compatts to be used in close
• Programmable address code and
channel channel via RS232
• Conventional Enable and Disable
commands for normal transponder
• Remote selection of reply frequency
helps overcome interference
• Advanced telemetry can reply to all
commands with address, command
executed and error-checking
• Direct baseline measurement to
better than 15cm between
Compatts greatly improves array
calibration accuracy
• Temperature and depth
measurements allow sea-bed sound
velocity evaluation
• Battery check records battery
capacity and time since last charge
• Remote power control to reduce
output in reverberent conditions or
to extend battery life
• Compatt status can be remotely
monitored and variables reset
• 4 gain control settings
• Cycle mode permits up to eight
preset commands to be executed
on receipt of one command
• Compatible with all Sonardyne
and HPR300/400 channels
• Auto-disable at 90% of battery
pack usage. Acoustic override
• Internal tilt sensor ±45°
Sonardyne UK (Head Office)
T. +44 (0) 1252 872288
F. +44 (0) 1252 876100
E. [email protected]
Compatt Mk4 MF (Discontinued)
Depth Rating
Operating Frequency
Transducer Beamshape
Maximum Acoustic Range
Relative Positioning Accuracy
Transmit Source level (dB re 1µPa @1m)
Receive Threshold (dB re 1µPa)
Quiescent Life
Dimensions (LxDia)
Weight in Air
Weight in Water
Endcap Sensors (Fitted as Standard)
Type 7800
2,500 Metres
MF (18-36kHz)
82 - 128dB
1071 days (Alkaline)
1786 days (Lithium)
89 days (Ni-Cad)
1132mm x 178mm
Temperature (PRT), Tilt switch (±30-45°), Depth (Strain Gauge Pressure
transducer), Conductivity, Power for external sensors
Specifications subject to change without notice - 10/2006