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Product Brief
0 . 5 / 0 . 6 Ω, L o w - Vo l ta g e , D u a l S P D T A n a l o g S w i t c h
1 General Description
2 Key Features
The AS1746 is a low on-resistance (RON), low-voltage,
dual-single-pole/double-throw (SPDT) analog switch
designed to operate from a single +1.8 to +5.5V supply.
The device features a 0.5Ω (max) RON for normally
closed (NC) switches and a 0.6Ω (max) RON for normally open (NO) switches using a +2.7V supply.
The AS1746 features break-before-make switching
(2ns) with tON = 50ns and tOFF = 30ns (using a +2.7V
The digital logic inputs are 1.8V logic-compatible with
+2.7 to +3.3V supplies.
The AS1746 is available in a TDFN-10 (3x3mm) package, a MSOP-10 and a WL-CSP-10 package.
Single Supply Operation: +1.8 to +5.5V
Normally Closed Switch RON: 0.45Ω (+2.7V Supply)
Normally Open Switch RON: 0.55Ω (+2.7V Supply)
RON Matching Between Channels: 0.06Ω
RON Flatness Over Signal Range: 0.15Ω
Supply Current: 50nA
Rail-to-Rail Signal Handling
1.8V Logic Compatibility
Low Crosstalk: -60dB (100kHz)
High Off-Isolation: -64dB (100kHz)
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.025%
Ultra-Low Leakage Currents: 1nA (@ TAMB = +25ºC)
Package Types:
- TDFN-10 (3x3mm)
- WL-CSP-10
- MSOP-10
3 Applications
The device is ideal for audio headsets, MP3 players,
power routing switches, relay replacements, audio and
video signal routing, communications circuits, PCMCIA
cards, mobile phones, MODEMs, and any battery-operated equipment.
Figure 1. Block Diagram – TDFN-10 (3x3mm)
V+ 1
NO1 2
COM1 3
10 NO2
9 COM2
8 IN2
IN1 4
7 NC2
NC1 5
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Truth Table
NOx to
NCx to
Switch shown for logic low input.
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Product Brief
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