SIGE-0.8µm RF-Library
Key Features
2.7 – 3.6V supply
2.4 – 2.5 GHz operating frequency range
16 dB voltage gain
3 dB noise figure
-10 dBm IIP3
3 mA current consumption
Size: 0.3 x0.5 mm
General Description
The Low-Noise-Amplifier (LNA) is designed for minimum
noise figure and can be used for low power 2.4 GHz
solutions. It requires an external matching network to match
to the antenna – typ. 50 ohm.
Figure1: Schematic of the LNA
LNA for wireless 2.4GHz solutions such as Bluetooth,
Functional Description
The LNA has a single-ended input and output and uses
a cascoded transistor configuration (Figure1).
An integrated inductor represents the load of the LNA.
A separate bias pin is available to set the gain.
An external matching network is requited to match to the
antenna – typ. 50 ohm.
Figure 2 shows the layout of the LNA.
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Figure2: Layout picture
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