• Fifth generation of StrataSwitch® and StrataXGS® product
• High value 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10-GbE) product line, pincompatible to feature GbE BCM56501
• Four 12-Gbps or 10-Gbps HiGig+™ port uplink interfaces
• Highly-scalable architecture evolved from five generations of
Four 10-GbE switching ports, CX4 support
Line-rate switching for all packet sizes and conditions
On-chip data packet memory and table memory
IPv6 routing and tunneling
Advanced Fast Filter Processor (FFP) ContentAware™
• Advanced security features in hardware
• Port trunking and mirroring supported across stack
• Advanced packet flow control:
switching experience provides rich features, scalability, and
future-proof solutions.
Optimized for secure switching and convergence o f
applications and services in the networks.
System vendors can build scalable high-performance, highport density 10-GbE LAN switches in several form factors.
Multiple CoS and low latency enable the support of VoIP and
other voice, video, and data applications.
Built-in high-speed serial interfaces with Broadcom-unique
SerDes technology eases and accelerates system design, while
reducing cost and conserving board space.
Broadcom switch API compatibility enables software reuse
and faster time-to-market.
Small package and low power enables cost-effective and highperformance system design.
• Head-of-line blocking prevention
• Back pressure support
• Eight QoS queues per port with hierarchical minimum/
maximum shaping per Classes of Service (CoS) per queue per
• Standard compliant 802.1ad provider bridging
4-Port 10-Gigabit Ethernet Multilayer Switch
HiGig+/10 GbE
HiGig+/10 GbE
ContentAware FFP
HiGig+/10 GbE
HiGig+/10 GbE
Packet Buffer MMU
Four 10-GbE Standalone
The BCM56301 is the fifth generation of the highly-integrated and costeffective Broadcom StrataSwitch and StrataXGS product line in a singlechip solution with four 10-GbE/HiGig+ uplink ports. The BCM56301 is
a member of the value 10-GbE product line, with a corresponding pincompatible member in the feature 10-GbE product line—BCM56501.
The BCM56301 incorporates four 10-GbE/HiGig+ ports. The uplink
ports can operate in two modes:
• 10-GbE switching mode
• HiGig+ uplink mode
The integrated 10-GbE switching ports are CX-4 compliant XAUI
interfaces. The HiGig+ uplink interface is used to connect to other
StrataXGS devices in a larger stacking system or to the BCM5675/
BCM5676 Switch Fabric via a backplane in a multi-slot redundant
chassis system.
With high-integration and high-port density, the BCM56301 family is
ideal for Enterprise applications in standalone, stackable, and chassis
configurations. The BCM56301 configurations are applicable in the
edge, aggregation, and core areas of the Enterprise. The BCM56301 is
also ideal for embedded switch applications like a Blade Server Switch,
ATCA chassis, IPDSLAM, 3G Wireless Base Station, and others.
The BCM56301 integrates sophisticated advanced L3 switching features
for cost-effective highly-manageable enterprise networks. The
BCM56301 performs IPv6 routing and transition services in hardware,
allowing IT managers to deploy L3 switches that are future-proof, highly
manageable L3 networks, and enable cost-effective transition from IPv4
to IPv6.
Two 10-GbE + Two HiGig+ Stackable
The ContentAware classification feature of the StrataSwitch and
StrataXGS has been further enhanced in the BCM56301 with unmatched
flexibility and programability. The ContentAware engine could be used
for applications such as policy-based routing, access control list,
dynamic adaptation to changes in virus threats, and so on.
The BCM56301 has built-in security functions for highly secure
Enterprise networks including BroadSAFETM. Utilizing hardware-based
identity management and authentication coupled with key management
software that directs and manages clients, BroadSAFE Security provides
exceptionally strong network security without impacting network
The BCM56301 integrates sophisticated metering, statistics, and traffic
management features, optimizing the QoS in the Enterprise networks for
voice, video, and data convergence. The BCM56301 also provides rate
adjustable hardware based sFlow implementation and flexible multiple
session remote port mirroring functionality for efficient network
The BCM56301 switch supports an I2C controller for communicating
with external devices such as serial EEPROM, flash PROM memories,
and parallel port devices, and also supports a serial interface for the MII
management of physical layer devices.
The BCM56301 switch interfaces to a host CPU via a 32-bit PCI bus
running at up to 66 MHz. Bus mastering and advanced DMA is
supported for efficient exchange of packet data between CPU memory
and the BCM56301 switch.
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