• Fully qualified and tested drivers supporting major operating
systems and web servers
• Diagnostic software to assist in problem determination
• Regulatory standards certification
• U/L 94V– 0 flammability
• FCC CFR47, part 15 – Class B
• CE compatibility
- EN 6100-4-11
• Retail export classification
• High performance public-key setup and acceleration
• 800 1024-bit RSA private key signings per second
• HW support for 2048-bit keys
• Extensive support for all SSL and TLS modes
• Optimized prefetching PCI interface
• Full performance maintained independent of any reasonable
PCI latency
• PCI 2.2 interface, 32/64 bits
• Driver/software compatibility across SSL product family
• Reduces the delay associated with SSL handshake and
processing and vastly improves the speed at which web pages
can be served.
• Accelerates SSL protocol used in all web browsers.
- Standard in Internet Explorer and Netscape® Navigator.
- Uses RSA encryption for compute-intensive operations.
Includes extensive software and systems support for popular
operating systems and web servers.
HTML user manual and installation documentation in various
languages allow for trouble-free installation and setup for end
High-performance SSL solution addresses security
deployments in high-bandwidth applications:
• E-commerce servers
• Server load balancers
• Web switches
• SSL appliances
Upgradeable/interchangeable within Broadcom’s SSL
product family.
CryptoNetX™ SSL800 Accelerator Adapter
Broadcom’s SSL800 accelerator adapter is a complete high-performance
SSL accelerator designed to accelerate the public-key cryptographic
functions of SSL, thereby freeing the host CPU. This results in a
dramatic improvement in the overall performance of the host system,
drastically reducing CPU utilization and enabling additional CPU
bandwidth for other value-added services and features.
The CryptoNetX™ family of SSL accelerators enables customers to cost
effectively optimize the performance of e-commerce host machines by
increasing the SSL processing capability. A single SSL800 allows ecommerce devices to achieve sustained throughput of 800 connections
per second, a 400% increase in performance over software-based ecommerce devices (733-MHz Pentium® III, Windows IIS).
The SSL800’s PCI interface makes it a perfect solution for all costsensitive security applications, providing price/performance benefits.
Multiple SSL800 devices can be used together for even higher
The SSL800 is complete with SNMP MIB network management
capabilities. System diagnostics and configuration management are also
provided with the SSL800.
The SSL800 offers extensive software and systems support for popular
operating systems including:
• Microsoft Windows® 2000
• Linux®
The SSL800 offers extensive software and systems support for popular
web servers including:
• Apache Web Server
• Microsoft® IIS
The SSL800 offloads SSL processing from web servers, SSL appliances,
server load balancers, and web switches, freeing the CPU to respond to
transactions in a way that significantly reduces customer wait time and
lost business during peak buying times.
Technical Data
163 mm (6 3/8 in.) long, 42.5 mm (1 21/32 in.) wide
Operating temperature 0°C to 55°C (+32°F to +131°F)
Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +180°F)
Operating voltage +5V, ± 5%.
Power consumption 10.5W, 2.1A at +5 VDC
PCI clock 66 MHz maximum
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