CML 7513D2-S

7513D2-S Series Bright ★Pipes™ Optical Lightpipes
7513D2-S Series Bright★Pipes™ Optical Lightpipes
R .750
Ø. 140
.106 ±.010
All dimensions in inches.
• Precision engineered with ray tracing for bright, optically precise
even indication and attractive appearance.
• ESD protection from circuitry for exceptional reliability.
• Optimized for use with Bright★Chips™ SMT LEDs.
• High contrast and wide viewing angle for greater visibility.
• Available in a variety of colors for added contrast and aesthetics.
• P arts inserted after reflow to permit LED pad inspection before assembly.
• Low profile for height constrained applications.
• Large lens provides high visibility.
• 7513D2-S is designed for use with 67-21 and 67-22 Series Bright Chip LEDs.
Mounting hole pattern on page 1-X5.
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