COTO 2332-05-000

2300 Series Multi-Pole Reed Relays
Multi-Pole Reed Relays
The Coto 2300 series is designed to offer the densest packaging
available in a multi-pole reed relay. The size and footprint of the 2300
series complement the 2200 and 2900 series relays. The 1 Form C
model is constructed with individual switch capsules for the normally
open and magnetically biased normally closed contacts which are more
reliable than the spring actuated 1 Form C reed switches. Custom pinouts as well as custom designs are available to meet particular applications. Special designs include 1 Form B, 2 Form B, latching, and high
voltage relays.
2300 Series Features
Smallest Multi-pole Relay: 0.056 sq. inches/pole (3 pole relay)
Up to 3 Form A or 2 Form C Contacts
Hermetically Sealed Contacts
Long Life / High Reliability
Magnetically Shielding Steel Shell
Optional Electrostatic Shield (on most models)
Dimensions in Inches (Millimeters)
For .013 - .020 (0.33 - 0.5) dia. pin
Recommended mounting hole:
.040 ± .002 (1.0 ± 0.05)
Bottom View
* If Required, Order Coto Socket #0116-0100-0000
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2300 Series Multi-Pole Reed Relays
Top View 4 :
Dot stamped on top of relay refers to pin #1 location
Grid = .1"x.1" (2.54mm x 2.54mm)
Consult factory for life expectancy at other switching loads.
Consists of 56V Zener diode and 1N4148
diode in series, connected in parallel with coil.
Break-before-make action on Form C Model 2341 is not
guaranteed. Consult factory if break-before-make is
Electrostatic shield is connected to pin #6. Coaxial shield is
connected to pins #6 and #7.
This relay is polarity sensitive. Pin #3 MUST be positive.
Environmental Ratings:
Storage Temp: -35°C to +100°C;
Operating Temp: -20°C to +85°C
Solder Temp: 270°C max; 10 sec. max
The operate and release voltage and the coil resistance
are specified at 25oC. These values vary by approximately
0.4% / °C as the ambient temperature varies.
Vibration: 20 G’s to 2000 Hz; Shock: 50 G’s
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