Marketing Bulletin
Saturday, April 01, 2000
Affected Customers
ECH13 Series Termination
To all concerned parties,
This bulletin is to notify all customers of the discontinuation of the ECH13 series
Ecliptek oscillator effective Saturday, April 01, 2000.
In compliance with our End of Life (EOL) policy, this notice will serve as advanced
notice of product termination. New orders will not be accepted after Saturday, July 01,
2000, with delivery to be conclude by Saturday, September 30, 2000.
The EH13 series is a recommended alternate for the ECH13 series. This may not be an
exact cross, so it is highly recommended that the data sheet(s) of the recommended
alternate are reviewed and samples tested to ensure conformance.
If there are any questions pertaining to this bulletin, please contact your Ecliptek sales
representative. Thank you again for your cooperation.
Ecliptek Marketing
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