ETC CL8830

C-Cube Microsystems presents the CL8830 MPEG-2
A/V Processor, its 3rd generation single-chip MPEG-2
A/V decoder. The CL8830 delivers high-quality playback of all popular video disc formats, including Chaoji
VCD, CVD, VCD2.0, and VCD1.1. In addition, the
CL8830 significantly enriches the consumers' home
theater and karaoke experience with its breakthrough
RealSonic audio technology.
With the CL8830's high level of integration, OEM's will
deliver affordable Chaoji VCD solutions providing the
highest quality audio and video experience.
The CL8830 delivers an unparalleled set of features,
• MPEG-2 A/V decoding at 2/3 and 1/2 D1 resolutions
• Variable bitrate (VBR) technology to ensure the highest quality video output
• An embedded 50 MIPS dedicated Audio DSP provides
a rich audio feature set
• C-Cube's RealSonic Audio technology allows royaltyfree DVD-quality home-theater audio and custom
audio effects
• Basic Karaoke functions (mic echo, key control, stereo vocal cancel and voice detect)
• Professional Karaoke functions such as vocal harmony, vocal chorus, vocal scoring, vocal
flange, vocal reverb, microphone treble and simulated stereo
• Home Theater Effects, including: WideSound™, RealSonic 3D audio, RealSonic multichannel
outputs, RealSonic concert hall, RealSonic dynamic range compression and graphic equalizer
• Two stereo audio input channels allow full stereo multiple language support and full stereo
• High-resolution lyrics for clear, crisp movie subtitles
• Lyrics scrolling and color change for Karaoke sing-alone
• Multiple high-resolution Lyrics channels to support multiple language subtitles
• Zoom and fade-in/fade-out functions for still and motion pictures
• Integrated SDRAM interface for compact, low-cost memory design
• ClearView™, DiscView™, and FlexView™ technologies
• Highest playback quality for all video disc formats including Chaoji VCD, CVD, VCD1.x,
VCD2.0, CD-DA and CD-I
• Graphic Equalizer: Adjusts the frequency band by
raising or lowering the level of tone.
• Custom Audio Effects: Audio effects can be
customized by configurable parameters.
The CL8830 includes a dedicated 50 Mips audio engine
and C-Cube's advanced RealSonic audio technology.
RealSonic is C-Cube's proprietary technology that allows
home-theater quality audio effects without any associated
royalty. This technology allows OEM's to offer high-end
DVD-quality home-theater audio and professional Karaoke
functions at no extra cost.
The DVD-quality home-theater audio features include
WideSound, RealSonic 3D audio, RealSonic multichannel
outputs, RealSonic concert hall, RealSonic dynamic range
compression, graphic equalizer and custom audio effects.
Reverberation and echo sounds can be programmed to
create the multiple live atmospheres that allow users to
enjoy high quality movie theater surround sound and
concert hall music. In addition, four-channel surround
sound can be simulated with only two speaker outputs.
• WideSound: Creates wider sound field than the actual
speaker position.
• RealSonic 3D Audio: Creates a movie hall surround
sound effect from two speakers.
• RealSonic Multi-Channel Outputs: Creates fourchannel output from stereo source material.
• RealSonic Concert Hall: Multiple listening environments can be simulated, such as concert hall, church,
stadium and jazz club.
• RealSonic Dynamic Range Compression:
Compresses the dynamic range of the output signal to
increase the average output level without distortion.
In addition to the basic Karaoke functions (mic echo, key
control, stereo vocal cancel and voice detect), the CL8830
also provides appealing professional Karaoke functions
such as:
• Vocal Harmony: This function constructs additional
"voices" that occur at a frequency-ratio shift away from
the original microphone input. It can create up to three
distinct voices that are mixed with the original signal to
create a harmony effect.
• Vocal Chorus: This feature creates additional "singers".
The Vocal Chorus adds 1/8 pitch and ¼ pitch voices to
the original vocal to create the effect of two or three
people singing as accompanists.
• Vocal Scoring: This function is a built-in singing
"judge" function that allows singers to compare themselves to each other or to improve their singing skills.
• Vocal Reverb: Reverb adds multiple decaying echo to
microphones to provide concert hall effect for Karaoke.
• Microphone Treble: This function performs adjustable
treble enhancement for the microphone input.
• Simulated Stereo: This feature adds phase information to mono audio and microphone signals to make
them sound stereo-like.
• Full Stereo Karaoke: Due to two stereo audio inputs,
full stereo Karaoke playback can be achieved. The
Karaoke singer can be accompanied by full stereo
VCD Resolution: 352 x 240/NTSC; 352 x 288/PAL
Chaoji VCD Resolution: 480 x 480/NTSC; 480 x 576/PAL
VCD Picture is Blurry, Text is Difficult to Read
CL8830 Video and Lyrics are Crystal Clear
CL8830 Supports Color-Change and Scrolling
C-Cube Microsystems
The CL8830 decodes Variable Bitrate (VBR) MPEG-2 audio
streams. The bitrate per channel is 32 to 192 KBPS and
the bitrate per stream is 64 to 384 KBPS. Sampling rates
of 44.1 or 48 kHz are used for high quality audio.
Because the CL8830 has two stereo or four mono audio
input channels, it can support full stereo multiple
languages. This allows the user to hear and view the
content in each language in full stereo audio.
Dataflow through the CL8830
C-Cube has leading edge technology and five years experience in China's VCD market. Because of this, the CL8830
is not only compatible with the Chaoji VCD, CVD, VCD
1.x, VCD 2.0, CD-DA and CD-I formats, but also provides
highest audio and video quality during playback of these
The CL8830 supports both MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video
decoding to ensure backwards compatiblity with VCD and
still provide high-quality decoding of MPEG-2 encoded
video streams. It also supports VBR MPEG-2 video
stream for even higher video quality. It supports both 1/2
and 2/3 D1 picture resolution and frame aspect ratios of
either 4:3 or 16:9.
A unique engineering achievement, ClearView sets the
standard for reliable, clear video. ClearView technology
prevents tearing and blocking caused by dirty or flawed
CDs. Header and picture errors are identified, classified
and concealed. ClearView ensures popular CD formats
can be played back flawlessly.
DiscView provides VCD 2.0 PBC-type navigation for VCD
1.1 discs. It can be integrated into the machine's operation as a playback control option for quick scanning and
selection of disc contents. DiscView allows advanced
menu selection capability by providing a menu display of
nine images from which different tracks or discs may be
CL8830 Player Block Diagram
C-Cube Microsystems
This feature converts NTSC source material to PAL format
to provide full-screen, correctly proportioned video.
C-Cube's adaptive interpolation technology is used for
smooth, raster-free scaling.
The CL8830 provides an application programming interface (API) consisting of high-level commands that allow the
host to monitor and control the input, decode, and output
processes. This API is compatible with CVD-1 and
Either CCIR-601 high-resolution overlay graphics or text
data can be embedded in the Chaoji VCD bit stream for
clear, crisp movie subtitles. Lyrics scrolling and color
change are achieved. Four independent channels for
Lyrics support multiple languages.
The CL8830 operates with a normal supply voltage of
3.3V, but can accept 5V inputs. It is packaged in a 208
pin Plastic Quad Flat Pack (PQFP).
Integrated on-screen display (OSD) allows text and graphics to be overlaid on full-motion video anywhere on the
screen. Four-, 16-, or 256-color on-screen display is available.
Decoding Standards
Picture Resolution
NTSC: 480 x 480 PAL: 480 x 576; NTSC: 352 x 480, PAL: 352 x 576
Output Formats
Chaoji VCD, CVD, VCD 1.x, 2.0, CD-DA, CD-I
Generates horizontal and vertical synchronization signals
On-Screen Display
4-, 16-, or 256-color bitmapped OSD
Overlay Graphics and Text
Full screen, multicolor, overlay displays for vocal text and still graphical images
The flexible memory configuration of the CL8830 supports
16 to 32 Mbits of SDRAM This compact memory design
allows both customization and cost reduction. The minimum required DRAM for full NTSC and PAL decoding is
16 Mbits.
CCIR-601 resolution, 4 graphics channels
The components needed to build a Chaoji VCD player
components are readily available at low cost. The block
diagram for the player is shown on the previous page.
Audio DSP
50 MIPS dedicated Audio DSP
Decoding Standards
MPEG-1, MPEG-2 Layer I and II
Input Channels
2 stereo or 4 mono
Output Channels
Sample Rates
44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
Compressed Data Input
CD interface
Compressed VBR
Up to 2.88 Mbits/s
16/32 Mbits SDRAM or 20 Mbits SDRAM/EDO DRAM
4 Mbits EPROM
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Input Voltage
3.3V TTL 5% (tolerates 5V input)
208-pin PQFP
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