Dual PS/2 to USB Data Converter Controller
Interface legacy PS/2 devices to USB
Provides two PS/2 port
PS/2 ports support 3 dimensions 3keys wheel
mouse and multimedia keyboard function
No driver needed
Hot pluggable
USB Specification 1.1 low-speed compliant
PS/2 ports are auto selectable and hot swappable
Mice or keyboard can be used in either port
without limitation
Cost-effective and easy to implement for PS/2 to
USB bridge solution
SOP-16 package or dice form
The CHESEN CSC0101A is an integral micro-controller for
converting PS/2 interface signal to USB applications, which
includes 8 bits high performance micro-controller core,
combined USB1.1 low-speed interface and dual PS/2
handler module. It is ideal for the legacy system support,
enabling seamless connections of traditional PS/2 interfaces
devices of mouse and keyboard to USB.
The CSC0101A is a USB 1.1 low-speed compliant device
that interfaces to PS/2, it support the Human Interface
Device (HID) class specification. The CSC0101A handles
the merging of the PS/2 data and sends the data to the host
system via the USB port.
8-bits Controller Core:
♦ 8 bits 65C02 controller
♦ 6MHz external ceramic resonator
♦ 3MHz internal CPU clock
♦ One 8-bits timer / counter
♦ Support power saving mode
♦ Built in power on reset with watchdog function
♦ 8K byte internal ROM
♦ 256 byte internal RAM
USB Port:
♦ Fully compliant to USB 1.1 specification
♦ Conforms to USB HID specification, version 1.1
♦ Supports 1 low speed device address and 3 endpoints
♦ Integrated USB transceiver
♦ Build in 3.3V regulator
♦ 8 bytes FIFO for each endpoint
♦ Interface transfer rate: 1.5Mbits/sec
PS/2 Port:
♦ Suitable for legacy PS/2 interface keyboard, mouse,
wireless peripheral or bar code reader
♦ Compatible with PS/2 protocol
♦ Two PS/2 ports
. Standard PS/2 keyboard with multimedia function
. Standard PS/2 3D/3Keys mouse
♦ Mice or keyboard can be used in either port
♦ Works with PC Win98 SE, Win Millennium, Win
2000, Win XP Netware4.11, 5.0 HP Unix, Linux,
Apple computer MAC OS8.6 or higher and Sun
Computer Peripheral Product Series
Dual PS/2 to USB Data Converter Controller
PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse to USB
PS/2 Barcode Reader to USB
Wireless PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Set to USB
CSC0101A Functional Block Diagram
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