3GHz low phase noise CW signal generator
Model Name : SG010M3R0GB
< Phase Noise > (Pout=+12dBm)
< Specifications >
Output frequency range
Frequency step
Output power
Output power step
Frequency setting time
Frequency stability
Phase noise
at 10kHz offset
(typ. )
Power consumption
Operational temperature range
External dimensions
< Features >
Output frequency : 10MHz to 3GHz (1Hz step)
Low phase noise : Typ. -95dBc/[email protected], 3GHz carrier
Compact and lightweight : 224 x 320.5 x 99mm approx. 3.5kg
Low power consumption : 40VA or below
< Application >
1) As research and development equipment
Capable of multilevel modulation for data communication with
enhanced speed; also manages the evaluation of analog circuits
for multi-carrier transmission equipment
2) As inspection equipment for communication device production lines
For generation of sampling clock signals for A/D converters as well as
D/A converters in high speed/high precision digital communications
< Block Diagram>
10MHz to 3000MHz
-20dBm to +12dBm ( Precision of output power : within ±1.0dB )
0.1 sec or below
Temperature characteristics : within 20ppb / 0°C to +40°C (based on the frequency at +25°C)
Aging stability within ± 0.1ppm/year (Based on the frequency 30days after power activation)
-137dBc / Hz
10MHz to 20MHz
-125dBc / Hz
20MHz to 50MHz
-119dBc / Hz
50MHz to 180MHz
-113dBc / Hz
180MHz to 375MHz
-107dBc / Hz
375MHz to 750MHz
-101dBc / Hz
750MHz to 1.5GHz
-95dBc / Hz
1.5GHz to 3GHz
or below
Harmonic : 10MHz to 20MHz
-30dBc or below
Harmonic : 20MHz to 3GHz
-60dBc or below
40VA or below
0 to +40 °C (Relative humidity : 95%or below)
224(W) x 320.5(D) x 99(H)mm (Except the terminal and projection)
3.5kg or below
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Rev. 1.0 20121225