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Economy Heel Grounder 2044
Visible Proof
New 3MTM Economy Heel Grounder
2044 Offers Effective Protection at
Low Cost
Invisible to the eye, electrostatic damage
(ESD) is responsible for causing hundreds of
thousands of dollars in damage to high tech
electronic equipment in manufacturing, not
to mention the loss of a company’s valuable
reputation and time. Simply walking across a
floor can cause enough static to build up and
create a discharge that generates the “zap” of
a static shock. But even the smallest static
discharge, measuring only a few hundred
volts, is enough to damage sensitive
electronic circuitry found in computers,
cellular telephones, and other devices.
High-tech manufacturing companies now
have a new help in the fight against ESD that
offers visible proof that static controls are
properly in place. 3M is proud to introduce
the new 3M Economy Heel Grounder 2044
—a cup-style heel grounder with a high
visibility “yellow glow” strap that helps
facility supervisors effectively manage their
static control program. With the new
economy heel grounder, supervisors may
now see at a single glance whether
employees are properly wearing their heel
grounding assemblies, and ensure their
company is protected against static damage.
Dependable and cost-efficient, the heel grounder effectively
grounds mobile personnel when they are in contact with
conductive and dissipative flooring, and should be an
integral part of any static control system in the workplace.
In addition to the bright yellow coloring, the heel
grounder’s cup construction satisfies customer need for
durability, while the one-inch width of the heel strap
material ensures a “one size fits all” conformity of fit that
will accommodate a wide variety of shoe shapes and sizes.
The heel grounder’s strap is made of conductive, abrasionresistant synthetic rubber material with a black slip and
slough resistant outer layer that provides a reliable static
ground, and comes with a one-megohm resistor.
Local 3M static control experts are available to offer
expert advice on how to make the 3M Economy Heel
Grounder 2044 part of your company’s total static control
Call 1-800-328-1368 to discover how to 3M can help
meet the electronic industry’s challenge of protecting static
sensitive components during handling and transportation.
3M™ Economy Heel Grounder 2044
Typical Value
Tri-layer conductor sole
One (1) “V” shaped piece 1”W x 7”L made of conductive, abrasion
resistant synthetic rubber with black slip and slough resistant outer
layer, nylon reinforcing scrim, rust-colored, slough-resistant
insulative synthetic rubber inner layer
Conductive ribbon
Gray, with eight (8) conductive threads, 3/8” W x 24”
Outer ankle strap
“Yellow Glow” high visibility material, 3/4" W x 8" L loop with 4” black
elastic band sewn into loop for comfort
Inner ankle strap
“Yellow Glow” high visibility material, 3/4” W x 6” L hook
Assembly resistance
1.5 MΩ maximum
Electrical test: point to point, 5 lb weights, 2 1/2” diameter (per ESD
Standard S4.1 or S 7.1) 100 volts, from the end of the conductive
ribbon to the farthest point away from the conductive ribbon on the
laminated sole.
Ordering Information:
Product Number
Minimum Order Qty.
Case Qty.
1 case
960 each
WARNING: All 3M Shoe Grounding Straps and Assemblies
should not be used in areas where the individual may come in
contact with electrical circuitry exceeding 250 volts; with the
exception of the 3MTM VelostatTM 2045 Disposable Shoe Grounding
Strap, which should not be used in areas where the individual may
come in contact with electrical circuitry exceeding 120 volts.
For ordering information, technical and product
information, or to request a copy of the Material Safety
Data Sheet, you can reach us at:
Phone: 1-800-328-1368
Fax: 1-800-328-9329
"Velostat" is a trademark of 3M Company.
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