Cooling Fan Series
Industrial Grade Cooling Fans
To address the increasing issue on heat dissipation solution for embedded and
industrial applications, AAEON now brings you a series patented bonded fin design
CPU cooler for outstanding thermal performance - FAN-06xx and FAN-03xx.
The cooler's heat sink is made of 99.5 percent Aluminum to increase its thermal
conduction rate by at least 15 percent, providing much stability to your system.
Weighting one-third less than most traditional coolers, the cooler also provides a 40
percent larger dissipation area and reduced wind resistance.
Moreover, to give you the right combination, AAEON uses fan made by NIDEC, an
approved vendor by Intel®, in all these coolers with the choice of one or two ball
Though the CPU cooler works well with any processor, these coolers are remarkably
beneficial when installed onto high-speed processors including AMD K6-2/K6-3 and
Intel® Celeron/Socket 370 Pentium III 500MHz or above due to its extraordinary heat
dissipation system as well as its high-quality material.
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