General Description
The ADT2500B is a miniaturized receiver IC for use in the infrared
remote control system.
It has a wide voltage operating such as 2.7~5.5V, a high sensitivity,
and good noise immunity.
It has high noise immunity from external light source disturbance
which are fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp etc.
It has the frequency selecting pads for setting the center frequency of
band-pass filter and also has 5 trimming PADs for the fined adjust of
center frequency.
These ICs is capable of accepting a photodiode directly and include
many excellent circuit such as a high gain initial amplifier,
a gain control amplifier, a limiter, a band pass filter,
a detection circuit, two comparator circuits, gain control circuits,
integrator circuits, a waveform shaping circuit assembled on a single chip.
• Wide Operating Supply Voltage 2.7V ~ 5.5 V
• Internal voltage reference circuit for wide operating built-in.
• Maximum interference safety against external light sources.
• No external components necessary.
• The Center Frequency can be varied with option PADs
( 36.0KHz, 37.9KHz, 40.0KHz, 56.7KHz)
• Internal filter for a high frequency lighting fluorescent lamp.
• Built-in automatic bias control for sunlight.
• Output active low.
* This specifications are subject to be changed without notice