General Description
The ADT2689FXX is high quality low current receiver IC for infrared
remote control system.
It has a wide voltage operating such as 2.7~5.5V, a high sensitivity.
Especially, It can be high performance for short burst & pause time
codes of LCD TV , IP TV, IP Set-top and etc. applications.
It has better distance performance in external light source environment
and LCD TV application.
It has 5 trimming cells for the fined adjust of center frequency.
These ICs are capable of accepting a photodiode directly and
include many excellent circuits such as a high gain initial amplifier,
a gain control amplifier, a limiter, a double band pass filter,
a detection circuit, two comparator circuits, gain control circuit,
integrator circuit, a waveform shaping circuit assembled on a single chip.
• Low current consumption ( Typ. [email protected] , [email protected] )
• Maximum interference safety against VCC noise & external light noise
• Optimization in short burst & short pause time application
( IP TV, IP set-top, Toy etc. )
• Min burst length : 6 and acceptable continuous code
• Output active low
* This specifications are subject to be changed without notice