Resistive Type
Single-touch Module
ƒƒ Resistive touch technology, supports 4-wire Touch Screen
ƒƒ Supports USB and RS-232 Interface
ƒƒ Resolution support to 2048 x 2048
ƒƒ High Reliability and Fast Conversion Time
Touch Technology
Host site Interface
Host site Connector
Communication Baud Rate
Host site Connector
Touch Screen Connector
Support Voltage and Current
Touch Resolution
Conversion Time
Dimensions (L x W x H)
O.S Support
Temperature Ranges
Power Consumption (*)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Ordering Information
Resistive type
USB: Conforms to USB 1.1
RS-232 serial: 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, No parity, and
full duplex
2.0 mm, 10-pin, male header for combo interface
(USB and RS-232)
9,600 (default)
2.0 mm, 10-pin, male header for combo interface
(USB and RS-232)
4-wire: 1.0 mm, 4-pin, FFC/FPC header
+ 5.0 V, 100 mA
2048 x 2048, Size independent
Max. 20 ms per coordinate set
75 x 20 x 10 mm
Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7,
WinCE 5.0/ 6.0/ 7.0, Linux,
Operation: -25 to +8° C
Storage: -25 to +85° C
Sleep mode (USB Suspend): < 2.5 mA
Idle mode (un-touch): < 20 mA
Working mode (touch): < 70 mA
75 x 20 x 10 mm
Part No.
Product Description
Resistive type Touch Module, Single touch, 4-wire
(*) The power consumption may be different with the above if the resistance of sensor
is different.
Embedded Touch Modules
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Last updated : 25-Jun-2012