AMPHENOL 135110-yy

New Product
Amphenol Connex
Fixed Length SMA Cable Assemblies
Amphenol Connex P/N 135xxx-xx-xx.xx
Build your SMA cable assembly in 3 easy steps:
P/N Base
SMA Straight Plug to SMA Straight Plug
SMA Straight Plug to SMA R/A Plug
SMA R/A Plug to SMA R/A Plug
SMA Straight Plug to SMA Straight Jack
SMA R/A Plug to SMA Straight Jack
SMA Straight Plug to SMA Bulkhead Jack
SMA R/A Plug to SMA Bulkhead Jack
SMA Cable Assemblies
Cables are stocked in lengths ranging from 3-inches to 48-inches long. Non standard
lengths are available. All components are RoHS compliant.
Select the cable type (replace “yy”):
01 = RG-316/U
02 = RG-174/U
03 = RG-316/U Double Shielded
04 = RG-58/U
R1 = 0.085” Dia Conformable Semi Rigid
R2 = 0.141” Dia Conformable Semi Rigid
Amphenol Connex is pleased to announce a new line of pre-assembled, fixed-length
SMA cable assemblies. Flexible SMA cable assemblies are ideal for use in a variety of
commercial and industrial applications requiring a high quality threaded interface that
commonly operate from DC to 12.4 GHz. Conformable semi-rigid assemblies may
support frequencies of up to 18 GHz.
The cable assemblies feature premium quality, gold plated Amphenol Connex 50 Ohm
SMA connectors. Straight plugs, R/A plugs, straight jacks, and bulkhead jacks are
available. Flexible cable options include RG-174/U, RG-316/U, RG-316/U Double
Braided and RG-58/U. Conformable semi-rigid options include both 0.085” and 0.141”
diameter cables.
Select a connector configuration:
Define cable length (replace “xx.xx”):
Standard lengths are 6, 12, 24, 36 and 48 inches
Custom lengths available. Contact the factory.
Part Number Example:
1 3 5 1 0 1
Connector Configuration
0 1
0 6
0 0
Length in Inches
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