AMPHENOL C10-639772-001

Product Data Sheet
Amphenol® Industrial RADSOK® Products for
Printed Circuit Boards
No. 205
PROBLEM: With conventional interconnects, users often cannot handle the higher power requirements of
modern electronics board applications. A common solution to increase amperage to the board is to increase
the thickness of the copper layers (i.e. traces) in the PCB or backplane. This is usually costly and traps heat
within the PCB. Other options are to bring in additional wires either attached to or plugged into the board
creating a cumbersome wire bundle. The bundle of wire often takes up excessive space behind the board and
doesn’t allow proper air flow, which may cause failures of heat-sensitive components like processors. This
method can be labor intensive and may require special crimping and assembly tools as well.
TO THE BOARD . . . . Three high amperage products: PowerBlok, RADSERT, PGY
Amphenol’s RADSOK® solution offers many options for high current
single-point connections to printed circuit boards. The compact
footprint design can supply up to 120 Amp to the board which
preserves surface area and provides more flexibility in board design.
The RADSOK® hyperbolic grid
contact design gives more surface
area with many points of contact for
heat dissipation at the pin and
socket interface.
This lowers temperature rise and
reduces potential failures.
RADSOK® PCB products are
designed to be applied manually
(press-fit) or by a reflow solder
process, which eliminates the need for additional wires and/or special
crimp tools.
Amphe-Power with RADSOK® Sockets
Contact Ratings
Size 12
Size 8
Size 4
Size 0
35 Amps
70 Amps
120 Amps
250 Amps
RADSOK® PowerBlok provides a high current single-point connection to the PCB with the
proven reliability of compliant pin signals. The PowerBlok is designed to bring up to 70 Amps to
the board, utilizing our custom 3.0mm RADSOK® design. The compliant pins are press-fit into
the board to secure a solid connection and even signal flow.
High power to board interconnect in a small package
Compact footprint 0.618” x 0.618”
3.0mm RADSOK® carries up to 70 amperes
Backplane power interface with compliant pins for signals
Touchproof cover
Radial design ensures many points of contact
Reduces failure modes, eliminates burn outs
No threaded fasteners
No special crimp tools required
High power density in a small
Eliminates possible stress fractures in board
footprint ( approx. 1/2” x 1/2”)
Faster through-put
Tooled to 3.0mm (70 amp) size
RoHs compliant
Sample part number: C10-639323-000 designates a 3.0mm PowerBlok with compliant pins.
Choose the Amphenol® RADSERTTM design when you need the most power in a single-point
connection to the PCB. The RADSERT allows the board designer to bring power to the board
from busbars suspended above the board and all of the board components. Pins from the
busbar plug into the RADSOK’s which are installed by press fitting the RADSOK into the
The RADSERT is press-fit into plated-through holes in the PCB. It
provides the smallest footprint and is available in 2.4mm and
3.6mm for board thicknesses of .250” +/– .025”. Other sizes may
be custom designed to meet your specific application requirements.
• High power to board interconnect in a small package
• Hyperbolic socket design ensures many points of contact
• Solder version or pre-loaded RADSERTS are installed
during board fabrication
• 2.4mm RADSERT carries up to 35 Amps
• 3.6mm RADSERT carries up to 70 Amps
• No special crimp tools required
• No threaded fasteners
• Eliminates risk of PTH cracking or delamination
in board
• Faster through-put
• RoHs compliant
Sample part numbers:
C10-642495-241 designates 2.4mm RADSERT (solder)
C10-639772-001 designates 2.4mm RADSERT (one piece pre-loaded)
C10-642865-001 designates 3.6mm RADSERT (solder, short)
C10-642449-001 designates 3.6mm RADSERT (one piece, pre-loaded, short)
Closeup of 3.6mm
RADSERTTM installed
into PC board
and inner RADSOK®
Thickness of board: .250” +/.025”
The RADSOK® PGYTM is an orthogonal card edge connector series, available in 3.6mm and 5.7mm contact sizes. The 5.7mm RADSOK® PGY is
Amphenol’s highest current board level product rated to 120 amperes. The
RADSOK® PGY connects to the board through a solder reflow process. The
busbar pin will mate horizontally with the RADSOK® slightly above the board.
Orthogonal connection between card edge and busbar/backplane
Compact footprint
Legs of the PGY dissipate high power evenly
5.7mm carries up to 120 Amps
3.6mm carries up to 70 Amps
No threaded fasteners
No special crimp tools required
RADSOK’s highest power to board level product
Faster through-put
RoHs compliant
Sample part numbers:
C10-639800-001 designates 5.7mm PCB mount RADSOK®, horizontal, solder, silver plated
Dimensions: .563” (L) x .551” (D) x .791” (OAH) - (.653” above board and .138” into PCB)
C10-639801-001 designates PCB mount RADSOK®, horizontal, solder, silver plated
Dimensions: .480” (L) x .400” (D) x .630” (OAH) - (.492” above board and .138 into PCB)
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