Save power – not functionality
GEN2 Reader IC with DRM
Tolerance against Self Jammer
Operation down to 2.7V
Current consumption 80mA
Small Package QFN-48 7x7
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General Description
Key Features
The AS3993 UHF reader chip is the next generation
integrated analog front end and protocol handling
system for a 900MHz RFID reader system from austriamicrosystems. It is a completely new architecture
from the AS3992 and is optimized for low voltage, low
power applications down to 2.7V.
The AS3993 now delivers UHF EPC Gen 2 in a small
QFN48 7x7 or flip chip, while retaining the flexibility,
integration and simplicity of the previous generations.
Combined with the low power operation makes it ideal
for embedded or mobile applications.
The AS3993 retains the -86dBm sensitivity of the
AS3992, including self jamming robustness against
antenna reflections. This is critical for mobile or embedded applications, where the antenna design is
challenged and the additional sensitivity / robustness
is needed.
The internal PA has been optimized further, which
will now deliver up to 20dBm even under challenging conditions. It continues to support operation on the
DRM link frequencies used in ETSI and FCC regions. It
complies with EPC Class 1 Generation 2 protocol (ISO
18000-6C) and ISO 18000-6A/B (in direct mode). The
reader configuration is achieved by selecting the desired protocol settings in the control registers. Direct
access to all control registers also allows fine-tuning
of different reader parameters.
- ISO18000-6C (EPC Gen2) full protocol support
- ISO18000-6A,B compatibility in Transparent mode
- 3.3V supply voltage (2.7V to 3.6V)
- Filters dedicated to 250kHz and 320kHz M4
and M8 DRM operation
- Support of ISO29143 (Air Interface for Mobile
RFID Interrogators)
- Antenna driver using ASK or PR-ASK modulation
- AM & PM demodulation eliminating communication
holes through automatic I/Q selection
- On-board VCO and PLL covering complete RFID
frequency range from 840MHz to 960MHz
- Significant increase of PSRR through on-chip RF
output supply regulators
- Power-down, standby and active mode
- Frequency hopping support
- Integrated low level transmission coding
- Integrated low level decoders
- Integrated data framing
- Integrated CRC checking
- 4 pin SPI interface to MCU using 24 bytes FIFO
- Selectable clock output for MCU
- Large peripheral communication supply range
from 1.65V to 5.5V
- Integrated regulators with automatic setting to boost
system PSRR
Analog front end
I/Q Mixer
DRM Filter
RF Out
EPC Gen2 P rotocol Handling
Digital processor and EPC Gen2
Protocol Handling
MCU Interface
Frame Gen
AS3993 UHF RFID Reader IC Block Diagram
- Internal power amplifier (<tbd> dBm) for short
range applications
- Adjustable ASK modulation index
- Selectable reception gain
- Reception automatic gain control
- Oscillator using 20MHz crystal
- Wide temperature range: -40ºC to 85ºC
- 48-pin QFN (7x7mm) package
The device is ideal for embedded consumer/Industrial
applications with cost constraints like beverage dispensing. Additionally, AS3990 is well positioned for the
growing UHF mobile market.