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AS8223 FlexRay™ Active Star Device
AS8223 FlexRay™ Active Star Device
The AS8223 is a monolithic FlexRay™ compliant Active Star device which manages communication traffic between the
communication controller interfacen and four FlexRay branches. It's also expandable to more branches through an
Interstar interface.
One of the communication paths is operating as receiver while the others operate as transmitters. The four branches of the
AS8223 consist of a FlexRay™ receiver and transmitters which support the bus wake-up function.
Additionally, the AS8223 comes with a Host Controller Interface to achieve active control of the power modes and error
diagnosis. An autonomous mode is entered automatically, in which the device operates without the need for a host
controller. The built in communication controller interface provides the standard transceiver functionality on the ECU using
the AS8223.
The FlexRay™ Active Star Device is available in MLF 9x9 44 pin package.
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Key Features
Active Star device with 6 communication paths (four FlexRay branches, Communication Controller Interface and
Interstar interface)
Message forwarding upon all communication paths
Data transfer up to 10 Mbps
Compliant with FlexRay Electrical Physical Layer Specification V2.1 Rev B
Excellent EMC performance
Low susceptibility to EMI
High end diagnostic capabilities for detecting faults on the bus lines
Interface with bus guardian for bus supervision
Automatic thermal shutdown protection
Supports 12V and 24V systems with very low sleep current
Integrated power management system
Two INH pins for the external voltage regulators control
Local wake-up input
Remote wake-up capability via FlexRay branches
Supports Autonomous Power Mode and Host Controlled Power Mode management
Supports 2.5, 3, 3.3 and 5 V microcontrollers and automatically adapts to interface levels
VCC supply voltage buffer for fail-safe conditions
Protection against damage due to short circuit conditions on the FlexRay branches (positive and negative battery
Operating ambient temperature range -40°C to +125°C Pb free
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MLF 9x9 44 pin package
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The AS8223 FlexRay™ Active Star Device is tailored for automotive gateways with embedded FlexRay Active Star
functionality. Connecting several devices to the Interstar interface enables the extension of the FlexRay branches to the
application needs.
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Block diagram for AS8223 FlexRay™ Active Star Device
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AS8223 FlexRay Active Star Device Blockdiagram
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