400-600 MHz
Model BXMF1039
Automatic Gain Controlled Amplifier
• Automatic Output Control
• Customizable
• High RF Input Damage Protection
• Group Delay +/- 1 ns
The Model BXMF1039 allows the user to anticipate receiver power
levels and automatically adjust the output power to a desired level.
With optional gain stages from 25 to 40 dB, this modular family of
Low Phase Noise AGCs can be used for multiple applications from 50
MHz to 2000 MHz. Designed for rugged military environments, these
units can be customized with an optional time delay adjustment
feature as well as a phase modulation compression to accommodate
for peak power variations. These AGCs are also designed to
minimize group delay with Group Delay performance of as low as
+/-1 ns typical.
Min. / Max.
Frequency Range
400-600 MHz
400-600 MHz
Nominal Output Power
-35 dBm
-35 dBm
Input Dynamic Range
-55 to 0 dBm
-55 to 0 dBm
Noise Figure
8 dB
11 dB
1 dB Compression Point
+13 dBm
+12 dBm
Aquisition Time (10% / 90% rise time)
50-2000 µs
Input VSWR
Output VSWR
Group Delay
+/- 1 ns
Bias Voltage
+5 volts
+5 volts
Bias Current
125 mA
125 mA
Housing Size
3.00” L x 1.50” W x 0.780” H
RF Connectors
Gold Plated Pins or SMA Female
Operate Case Temp. (Min. / Max. Values)
-40°C to +50°C
Maximum (No Damage) Ratings
Storage Temperature
-65°C to +125°C
Operating Temperature (Case)
-40°C to +85°C
DC Voltage @ 25°C
+8 VDC
Input Drive @ 25°C
+24 dBm
Rev 2.24.12
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