ETC 21614

Evaluation Kit for the Am79C984A Device
■ Standalone compact 10BASE-T repeater
evaluation board with Am79C984A eIMR
■ Supports 4 10BASE-T ports and 1 AUI port
■ 2 LEDs per port and 2 global LEDs can be
configured to show a variety of events
■ Activity LEDs show network loading
■ DB-15 connector provides AUI access
■ On-board regulator that provides 5 V from a
12 VDC power supply
■ Passes FCC Class B
The eIMR Evaluation Kit is an evaluation platform for
the Am79C984A enhanced Integrated Multiport Repeater (eIMR). The evaluation board functions as a
standalone 10BASE-T unmanaged repeater. Four
10BASE-T ports and one AUI port are provided. The
compact size of the board indicates that an eIMRbased design can be constructed inexpensively. Complete schematics and layout information are included in
the kit.
■ eIMR board
The eIMR board provides a full set of LEDs, without the
need for external drivers. A set of LEDs are used for the
activity indication, used to display network traffic activity. Each port also accesses 2 LEDs, each of which can
be configured to display Carrier Sense, Collision, Link,
Jabber or Partition Status. Two global LEDs display global events. Six different LED schemes are supported.
■ eIMR/eIMR+ Product Brief
■ eIMR Am79C984A Datasheet
■ eIMR Evaluation Board instructions
■ eIMR Evaluation Board 4-port schematics, layout
and Parts list
■ eIMR Evaluation Board 8-port schematics and
Parts list
■ eIMR 4-port evaluation board FCC test data
■ Customer Design-win bulletin
■ 12 V Power supply
The eIMR board is powered by a 12 V DC power supply
(included). An onboard regulator derives 5 V for the
eIMR board.
Included in the kit is a document describing the results
from a FCC Class B test. The eIMR board was tested
without using an enclosure, and passed successfully.
With an appropriately shielded enclosure, a design
using eIMR should meet FCC Class B with relative ease.
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Issue Date: November 1997
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