PremierView 20ID
20.1" Multimedia TFT-LCD Monitor for Industrial, OEM and Desktop
Calibre specialises in high performance LCD
display solutions for industrial, OEM, military
and aerospace applications. PremierView
features flexible signal capability, excellent
motion reproduction and accurate, artifact
free image re-sizing.
Calibre's PremierView 20ID is a very high
performance TFT-LCD display.
around Calibre's proprietary PremierView
LCD driver technology, it is able to connect
directly to a very wide range of video or
computer image sources and display images
full screen on its 20" viewable diagonal, wide
viewing angle screen.
PremierView is one of the most flexible LCD systems on the market able to accept a wide range of input
resolutions. PremierView features true autoscanning real-time software algorithms to allow it to be
adjusted to suit most non-standard resolutions and signal timings within its resolution, line and field rate
PremierView 20ID displays real-time Video or computer VGA-SXGA full screen, full-motion in real time,
with minimal image throughput delay and no frame rate conversion. High performance scaling
algorithms work without compromising image quality or resolution irrespective of the signal resolution
implemented. It is compatible with Composite and Y/C (SVHS, S-video) inputs with automatic detection
of PAL, NTSC & SECAM video, and/or most computer RGB signals from 640x350 up to 1280x1024.
Very flexible wide-ranging picture controls are provided via an on-screen menu. These controls include
picture size and position controls as well as contrast, brightness, and colour/hue for video.
A special Slow-Scan model able to accept legacy industrial graphics signals down to 15KHz interlaced
or non-interlaced is also available. Compatibility with custom signal timings and resolutions can also be
provided as a customer specific option.
PremierView 20ID uses the latest high brightness 20.1" ultra-wide viewing angle 1280x1024 TFT-LCD
panel from NEC which features 250cd/m2 typical brightness, 24-bits per pixel and ultra-wide viewing
angles of 85 degrees left/right and up/down. When driven by PremierView, this ensures maximum
colour depth and accurate grey-scale reproduction, with no field merging, no field dropping or repetition
and no pixel or line dropping to ensure accurate motion reproduction and clean image scaling.
PremierView 20ID is available as a metal cased display unit or as an OEM open chassis module. The
metal cased display unit incorporates side mounting points. Cased units include an anti-scratch, antiglare front viewing window. Touchscreens are also available to special order.
Technical Information
Model nos., Dimensions and Weights:
Panel Specification:
Viewable image size 51cm/20.1" nominal.
Panel resolution 1280x1024.
Colour depth 8 bits per colour, 24-bits total.
Viewing angles 85 deg L/R/U/D,
Panel brightness 250cd/m nominal,
Panel contrast ratio 300:1 typical.
Metal cased unit
Farnell Order Code 385-7840
Model 51ELCD2603NM3
Size 510x420x107mm
Unit weight 8.3Kg, Shipping weight TBA Kg
Signal compatibility:
Input 1 – computer RGB via 15HDD socket.
640x350 up to 1280x1024, 50-76Hz refresh,
Syncs separate TTL/5V positive or negative,
negative composite sync TTL level, or negative
sync on green consisting of 0.3V sync and 0.7V
Input 2 – composite video via BNC
PAL, NTSC or SECAM, automatic standards
Input 3 - YC/S-Video via 4-pin Mini-DIN
PAL, NTSC or SECAM, automatic standards
Open chassis
Farnell Order Code 385-7839
Model 51ELCD2603NSC
Size TBA mm
Unit weight TBA Kg, Shipping weight TBA Kg
Slow-Scan metal cased unit
Farnell Order Code 385-7815
Model 51ELCD2703NM3
Size 510x420x107mm
Unit weight 8.3Kg, Shipping weight TBA Kg
Metal cased unit with Resistive Touchscreen
Farnell Order Code 385-7827
Model 51ELCD2603NM3RTS
Size 510x420x107mm
Unit weight 8.3Kg, Shipping weight TBA Kg
Touchscreen option:
Resistive touchscreen with RS232 serial
controller. Touchscreen has anti-glare finish,
fitted in place of anti-scratch anti-glare viewing
Power requirement:
12VDC at approximately 75W.
Desktop unit includes mains PSU, for all other
models the mains PSU is an optional extra.
Other power options available to order include
ground isolated 12VDC, 24VDC and, 28VDC
with optional industrial or military grade power
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