BMM Series Multi-MEGGERS
• Insulation measurement to 200 GΩ
• Complete multimeter capability
• Voltage measurement
• Current measurement
• Frequency measurement
• Low-resistance measurement
• mV transducer input
• 200 mA Continuity Range
• Backlight
• Selectable locking test button
• Data storage and downloading
Premium Hand-held Insulation Testers
The Megger BMM Series MultiMEGGERS are a versatile new range of
hand-held insulation testers designed
to extend the capability of insulation
testers beyond anything available on
the market today.
In addition to extremely high-sensitivity insulation resistance measurements (200 GΩ), these instruments
offer complete multimeter testing capability and the ability to view the
insulation measurement in terms of
leakage current (µA). The top-of-therange models also include data storage and download capability. The end
user can now carry a single instrument to the test site rather than multiple instruments.
The specific models of the BMM
Series Multi-MEGGERS are:
BMM2000: Advanced feature contractor/service technician insulation
tester and multimeter. Offers voltage
ranges of 250, 500, and 1000 V.
BMM2500: Top of the range contractor/service technician insulation
tester and multimeter featuring result
storage, printing, and downloading.
Offers the same voltage ranges as the
BMM80: High spec low voltage/
specialty application insulation tester
and multimeter. Features 50, 100, 250,
500, and 1000 V insulation ranges.
BMM2080: Advanced feature low
voltage/specialty application insulation tester and multimeter. Like the
BMM80, it offers voltage ranges of 50,
100, 250, 500, and 1000 V.
BMM2580: Top of the range low voltage/specialty application insulation
tester and multimeter. Features include result storage, printing, and
downloading. Voltage ranges of 50,
100, 250, 500, and 1000 are also available in this model.
Additionally, all units are supplied
with the SP1 Remote Switch Probe as
a standard accessory (at no additional
cost) for hands-free operation.
The BMM Series Multi-MEGGERS are
rugged and easy to use. The instruments have a designer crafted ABS
case with integral handgrips and a custom designed LCD with wide viewing
angle featuring Megger's patented analog arc and digital displays. Elastomeric softkeys and an easy-to-grip
rotary control provide simple range
selection. A power saving backlight
ensures good visibility in dimly lit
areas. All models are designed to meet
the requirements of IP54 for protection against ingress of dust and water.
A specially designed test and carry
case is provided and facilitates multiple modes of use from belt clip to
around-the-neck operation. A clear
flexible membrane covers the instruments' front surface allowing easy operation of the controls while keeping
the unit clean. Test leads may remain
attached to the instrument at all times
and be secured to the back of the case.
The case has a removable accessory
storage pouch and a hanging strap for
convenience in all situations.
Depending on the model chosen, the
BMM Series Multi-MEGGERS can
include most or all of the following
• Patented analog/digital display
• Backlight
• Digital insulation resistance
measurement to 200 GΩ
• Analog insulation resistance
measurement to 100 GΩ
• Leakage current measurement (µA)
• kΩ Range
• Lead resistance zeroing
• Voltage, current, frequency, and low
resistance measurements
• mV transducer range for measuring other parameters such as
• Capacitance measurement
• Result storage
• Data recall to display
• Direct result printout
• Download to a PC
(download software included)
• Data logging capability
• 200 mA continuity range
• Remote control switch probe
• Live circuit warning
BMM2000 Series
The insulation and continuity ranges
are augmented by a number of features only to be found on a dedicated
multimeter. The BMM2000 and
BMM2080 include autoranging voltage
measurement up to 500 V ac/dc, resistance measurement from as low as 10
mΩ up to 10 MΩ and current measurement from 10 mA to 500 mA. Higher
currents still may be measured using
an external mV output current clamp.
By incorporating all the above features
into a single unit the BMM2000 removes the need to carry a separate
Both instruments in this series feature
mV ranges enabling connection of a
wide variety of optional transducers.
Such devices extend the range of possible measurements almost endlessly
including such items as temperature
probes, airspeed indicators and high
current clampmeters thus extending
the scope of the instruments into the
HVAC and Servicing industries.
The BMM2080 includes two low-voltage ranges (50 V and 100 V) and capacitance measurement capability for
telecom and specialty applications.
The BMM80 offers all the features and
specifications of AVO's popular Model
BM80/2, plus a lot more! A Millivolt
Transducer input accommodates a
wide range of probes to allow measurement of additional parameters,
such as temperature, current, humidity, pressure, and microwave leakage.
Five insulation test voltages, which include 50 V and 100 V tests, combine
with capacitance measurement to
make the BMM80 fully suited to
telecom applications. A power-saving
backlight illuminates the display without serious depletion of the battery.
The tester comes complete with a
switch test probe to facilitate handsfree operation in tight quarters.
BMM2500 Series
The BMM2500 and BMM2580 include
all the capabilities of the BMM2000
Series, and offer comprehensive data
storage options with individual test
results being stored against user
selectable distribution board and circuit references. Alternatively data
logging may be selected and up to 300
consecutive measurements of any chosen parameter may be made at a
selectable time interval. Data storage
is contained within nonvolatile
memory (NVM), ensuring that test results are not lost in the event of battery
failure or removal.
Once stored, results may be recalled
to the display, printed to an external
serial printer, or downloaded to suitable software. AVO Download Manager™ for Windows is included
enabling language changes to be performed, along with the simple download of stored data from the
instrument. These files can be maintained as a record, used for manually
completing certificates or exported to
applications such as spreadsheets and
word processor documents.
The BMM2580 includes two low-voltage ranges (50 V and 100 V) and capacitance measurement capability for
telecom and specialty applications.
• Live Circuit Warning alerts user of
connection to circuits above 25 V regardless of range selected.
• Zero offset adjustment on continuity range provides automatic removal
of lead resistance from measurement
for increased accuracy.
• Continuity Buzzer sounds continuously below 5 ohms allowing user to
concentrate on making the connection.
• Voltage, current, frequency and low
resistance measurements with one instrument, eliminating the need to
carry multimeters.
• Power saving backlight enables
clearly-seen display and easy-to-see
test results.
• Download Manager Software is included on CD for quickly saving data
and including it with other reports.
• Millivolt transducer input allows
measurement of parameters such as
temperature and high currents by connecting the appropriate device.
• Result, test configuration, circuit
and distribution board reference storage reduces testing time and increased
profitability (models BMM2500 and
• Nonvolatile memory (BMM2500 and
BMM2580 models) stores data and
protects it in the event of battery removal or failure.
• Continuous data logging facility
monitors slowly-changing parameters
and permits additional test such as
Polarization Index (models BMM2500
and BMM2580).
• The included accessory, SP1 switch
probe, allows measurements be made
when both hands are needed to hold
the probe.
• Capacitance measurement range
(BMM80, BMM2080, and BMM2580)
addresses a critical telecom testing
• Extremely sensitive insulation resistance measurement (up to 200 GΩ)
can detect changes at high levels that
may indicate future problems in the
• Insulation measurement result can
be expressed in terms of leakage current for end users needing this information.
Electrical Contractors
The BMM Series multi-MEGGERS are
ideal for testing electrical installations.
The BMM2500 and BMM2580 provide
the electrical contractor with the ultimate tool for testing/commissioning
fixed installations.
The on-board storage capability of the
BM2500 series enable each test result
to be assigned to particular distribution board and circuit references. Data
may be later recalled to the display for
manual completion of certificates of
test or for maximum performance
downloaded to a printer or PC. The
inclusion of a backlight ensures that
the display can be clearly seen even
where the distribution board is located in a dark cupboard without ruining battery life.
Up to five insulation test voltages (depending on model) between 50 and
1000 V are provided to ensure that the
correct test voltage for the installation
under test is available. The 500 V range
is suitable for the majority of testing
on circuits with a nominal voltage up
to 500 V. The 250 V or below insulation
ranges are necessary where low voltage circuits supplied by an isolating
transformer are tested, while the 1000
V range is used for circuits with a nominal voltage exceeding 500 V and below
1000 V. An additional leakage facility
(not available on the BMM80) allows
any insulation measurement to be dis-
played in terms of microampere (µA)
leakage currents.
The instruments have a 200 mA continuity range which is ideal for testing
the continuity of ring final circuit conductors, primary bonding of services
and of supplementary bonding conductors. The zero offset adjustment
allows the resistance of the test leads
to be ignored so the measurement
shown is due to the conductors under
test only.
10 µF capacitance range. The low voltage insulation tests are necessary for
the testing of delicate components
and equipment found in telecom systems that would be damaged by higher
The instruments are designed to perform tests on systems with up to 25 V
of electrical interference or crosstalk
without the accuracy or reliability of
results being affected and with no
damage to the instrument.
The feature set of the BMM2000 and
BMM2500 Series extends to include
measurement ranges for voltage, current, resistance, and frequency enabling one instrument to be used
where normally a separate multimeter
would be required.
A wide resistance measuring capability enables a degree of cable fault prelocation to be performed by using
resistance to fault methods. Additionally the wide voltage ranges allow accurate measurement of line and
battery voltages.
Servicing and HVAC
The BMM2000 and BMM2500 Series
offer features addressing the requirements of the service engineer in a
single unit, including the testing of domestic appliances. The combination
of multiple voltage insulation test, continuity, and mV transducer inputs cater for the testing of motors, timers,
earth bonding, solenoids and relays,
valves, and PCB components.
Data Logging
(BMM2500 Series Only)
The advanced data logging facilities of
the BMM2500 and BMM2580 enable a
log of measured values at regular
presettable intervals for any of the
measured parameters (i.e. voltage, capacitance, insulation resistance). In
the case of insulation resistance, the
logging facility enables calculations of
Dielectric Absorption Ratios and Polarization Index (PI). The PI is defined
as the ratio between the insulation resistance values after 1 minute and 10
minutes. This calculation is useful for
determining insulation quality without
the need for temperature compensation or necessary referral to historic
test data.
The insulation ranges are useful for
establishing the integrity of the internal parts such as motors, timers and
transformers, while the continuity
range can verify the correct earth
bonding of the case metalwork and
check the operation of switches, etc.
The option of attaching any mV output
temperature measuring transducer
extends the measurement range of the
BMMs to measurement of water, air,
pipe, and surface temperatures making the instruments ideally suited for
the servicing of ovens, washing machines, and HVAC systems. The unique
mV transducer input ranges enable the
BMM Series to interface to transducers for measurement of the various
parameters necessary during servicing and in the commissioning and verification of HVAC systems.
The multimeter functions of voltage,
current, resistance, and frequency find
a number of uses in the measurement
of component parts within appliances
such as the verification of correct
power supplies, timer switching characteristics, and component level measurement on control PCBs.
In addition to the standard installation
testing functions, the BMM2080 and
BMM2580 include additional 50 V and
100 V insulation testing facilities and a
All quoted accuracies are at 68° F (20° C)
Insulation Ranges
Measuring Range
BMM2000 and BMM2500:
0.01 MΩ to 20 GΩ
(0 - 100 GΩ on analog scale)
BMM80, BMM2080 & BMM2580:
0.01 MΩ to 200 GΩ
(0 - 100 GΩ on analog scale)
EN61157 Operating Range
0.10 Ω to 99.9 MΩ
Test Voltage Accuracy
+15% maximum on open circuit
Short circuit current
< 2 mA
Test Current on Load
1 mA at min. pass value of insulation
specified in BS7671, HD384 and IEC
364, 2 mA max.
±2% ±2 digits
Product Features at a Glance
Digital LCD
Patented analog arc
1000 V insulation
500 V insulation
250 V insulation
100 V insulation
50 V insulation
Auto discharge
Live circuit warning
Locking test button
Max insulation range — digital
200 GΩ
20 GΩ
200 GΩ
20 GΩ
200 GΩ
Max insulation range — analog
100 GΩ
100 GΩ
100 GΩ
100 GΩ
100 GΩ
Leakage current (µA)
200 mA continuity
Lead resistance zeroing
Continuity buzzer
Voltage range
Frequency measurement
Current measurement (mA)
mV transducer range
Kilohms measurement to 9.99 ΜΩ
Capacitance measurement (µF)
Result Storage
Data Recall to display
Direct result printout
Download to PC
Download software included
Data logging
Auto shutdown
Selectable auto shutdown
Switch probe facility
IP54 rated
Auto-Discharge Facility
Safely discharges the connected circuit after a test
10 mV to 1999 mV dc or ac
(50/60 Hz) ±2% ±3 digit
Live Circuit Warning
Provides automatic warning when
connected to live circuits. Threshold 25 V
0.1 mV to 10 mV dc or ac
(50/60 Hz) ±2% ±5 digits
Continuity Ranges
Measuring Range
0.01 Ω to 99.9 Ω
(0 to 10 Ω on analog scale)
0.1 mV to 10 mV ac
(16 to 460 Hz) ±5% ±5 digits
EN61577 Operating Range
0.10Ω to 99.9 Ω
±2% ±2digits
Open Circuit Voltage
Test current
210 mA ± 10 mA (0 to 2 Ω)
Zero offset at probe tips
0.10 Ω typical
Lead resistance zeroing
Up to 9.99 Ω
Operates continuously at less than
Resistance Range
Measuring Range
0.01 kΩ to 9.99 MΩ
(0 to 100 MΩ on analog scale with
Auto Ranging or Range Lock
±3% ±2 digits
Open circuit voltage
5 V ±1 V
Short circuit current
25 µA ± 5 µA
Voltage Range
Measuring Range
±1 V to ±500 V
(0 to 1000 V on analog scale)
0 to 500 V dc or ac (50/60 Hz)
±2% ±3 digits
0 to 500 V 400 Hz ac ±5% ±3 digits
Measuring Range
±0.1 mV to ±1999 mV
(0 to 1000 mV on analog scale)
10 mV to 1999 mV ac
(16 to 460 Hz) ±5% ±3 digits
dc Millivolts Zeroing
Up to 9.9 mV
Transducer Compatibility
A variety of transducers may be connected to facilitate measurements of
other parameters such as temperature
and high currents. Kits containing a
useful selection of such transducers
for both the HVAC and the service industry are available
(BMM80, BMM2080 and BMM2580)
Measuring Range
0.1 nF to 9.99 µF
3% ±2nF ±2 digits
µF Zeroing
Up to 10 nF
Milliamps (BMM2000 and BMM2500
Measuring Range
0.1 mA to 500 mA
(0 to 1000 mA on analog scale)
0.1 mA to 10 mA dc or ac
(50/60 Hz) ±2% ±5 digits
10 mA to 500 mA dc or ac
(50/60 Hz) ±2% ±3 digits
0.1mA to 10 mA ac
(16 to 460 Hz) ±5% ±7 digits
10 mA to 500 mA ac
(16 to 460 Hz) ±5% ±5 digits
User selectable LCD backlight with
auto turn off to save battery life
Power Supply
Battery Type
6 x 1.5 V Alkaline cells IEC LR6
Battery Life
Typically 3000, 5 second 1-kV tests
Auto Shut Off
Turns the instrument off after approximately 5 minutes, (12 minutes for
insulation ranges), to conserve battery
Test Result Storage
(BM2500 Series)
Up to 99 distribution board references
each with up to 99 circuit references
may be specified. Test results may be
stored against any circuit and distribution board combination.
Data may be recalled to the display,
printed, or downloaded to a printer or
Communications (BM2500 Series)
RS232 9 pin male D connector
Baud rate 9600
Printer Output (BM2500 Series)
Prints test results, distribution board
and circuit details to external serial
Two selectable language options
(BMM2500 Series)
Language may be changed using AVO
Download Manager Software supplied.
Data Logging (BM2500 Series)
The instruments may be set to continuously record any one of the measurable
parameters e.g. voltage, insulation resistance etc. The logging interval may
also be adjusted to suit the application.
Frequency (BMM2000 and
BMM2500 Series)
Measuring range
16 Hz to 460 Hz
Logging Interval
10 s to 1990 s in 10 s increments
±1% ±1digit
As above for each parameter
Number of samples
Approximately 300
Complies with the latest international
directives concerning safety and electromagnetic compatibility.
The instruments meet the requirements for double insulation to IEC
1010-1 (1995), EN 61010-1 (1995) Safety
Requirements for electrical equipment
for measurement, control, and laboratory use. Category III**, 300 V phase to
ground, and 440 V phase to phase, without the need for separately fused test
leads. If required, fused test leads are
available as an optional accessory.
** Relates to the transient overvoltages
likely to be met in fixed wiring installations.
Complies with the following parts of
EN 61557, Electrical safety in low voltage systems up to 1000 V ac and 1500
V dc equipment for testing, measuring
or monitoring of protective measures:
500 mA (F) 500 V, 32 x 6 mm Ceramic
HBC 10 kA minimum.
Electromagnetic Compatibility
RF Susceptibility
Complies with IEC 61326
RF Emission
Complies with IEC 61326 FCC
Part 15 Class B
Environmental Conditions
Operating Range
23° to 104° F (-5° to +40° C)
Operating humidity
90% RH at 104° F (40° C) max.
Storage Temperature Range
-13° to +149° F (-25 to +65° C)
Maximum Altitude
6562 ft. (2000 m)
Dust and Water Protection
Temperature coefficient
<0.1% per °C
Physical Specifications
1.77 H x 8.66 W x 4.33 D in.
(45 H x 220 W x 110 D mm)
Weight (including batteries)
1.63 lbs (742g)
Wipe with a clean cloth dampened
with soapy water or Isopropyl
Alcohol (IPA).
Calibration Temperature
68° F (20° C)
• Part 1 - General requirements
• Part 2 - Insulation resistance
• Part 4 - Resistance of earth connection and equipotential bonding
Item (Qty)
Cat. No.
MEGGER® Insulation Multimeter
50/100/250/500/1000 V .............................................. BMM80
250/500/1000 V ....................................................... BMM2000
50/100/250/500/1000 V .......................................... BMM2080
250/500/1000 V ....................................................... BMM2500
50/100/250/500/1000 V .......................................... BMM2580
Included Accessories:
Test lead set ................................................................ EV6220-437
Test and carry case .................................................... EV6420-123
Switch test probe, SP1 ............................................... EV6220-606
Download manager software (BMM2500 Series) .... EV6111-442
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Item (Qty)
Cat. No.
Optional Accessories:
Fused lead set, FPK8 ............................................... EV6111-218
Test record cards (20/pack) ................................. EV6111-216
Probes ...................................................................... EV6220-502
MCC10 10-A current clamp .................................... EV6111-290
Computer serial lead (BMM2500 Series) ........... EV25955-025
Printer ............................................................................. 33841-1
Printer serial lead (BMM2500 Series) ......................... 33841-2
Rechargeable battery for printer ................................. 33841-4
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