SAW Filter
Epson Toyocom
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TQS-471BB-7R : X1L000011xxxx00
TQS - 471BB - 7R
•Excellent performance in small size with original design algorithm.
Actual size
Specifications (characteristics)
Nominal frequency
Storage temperature range
Operating temperature range
Pass bandwidth
Insertion loss
Deviation in PB
Group delay distortion
Stop bandwidth
Terminating impedance
* Includes losses in matching circuit (Matching
374 MHz
-40 °C to +85 °C
-30 °C to +70 °C
f_nom ±8.5 MHz Min.
9 dB Max.(-30 °C to +30 °C) *
10 dB Max.(-30 °C to +70 °C) *
1.5 dB Max.
1.5 dB Max.
100 ns Max.
f_nom -41.5 MHz to f_nom -22 MHz : 40 dB Min.
f_nom -22 MHz to f_nom -18 MHz
: 35 dB Min.
f_nom -18 MHz to f_nom -16.5 MHz : 35 dB Min.
f_nom +16.5 MHz to f_nom +18 MHz : 35 dB Min.
f_nom +18 MHz to f_nom +22 MHz : 35 dB Min.
f_nom +22 MHz to f_nom +41.5 MHz : 35 dB Min.
Input : 680 Ω // 88 nH
Output : 780 Ω // 120 nH
inductor size : 1.6 × 0.8 mm)
3 dB relative to IL at f_nom
at f_nom
Balanced or Unbalanced
Electrical DATA
External dimensions
Footprint (Recommended)
In order to meet customer needs in a rapidly advancing digital,
broadband and ubiquitous society, we are committed to offering products
that are one step ahead of the market and a rank above the rest in quality.
To achieve our goals, we follow a “3D (three device) strategy” designed to
drive both horizontal and vertical growth. We will to grow our three device
categories of “Timing Devices”, ”Sensing Devices” and “Optical Devices”,
and expand vertical growth through a combination of products from these
A Quartz MEMS is any high added value quartz device that exploits the
characteristics of quartz crystal material but that is produced using MEMS
(micro-electro-mechanical system) processing technology.
Market needs are advancing faster than previously imagined toward
smaller, more stable crystal products, but we will stay ahead of the curve
by rolling out products that exceed market speed and quality
requirements. We want to further accelerate the 3D strategy by QMEMS.
Quartz devices have become crucial in the network environment where
products are increasingly intended for broadband, ubiquitous applications
and where various types of terminals can transfer information almost
immediately via LAN and WAN on a global scale. Epson Toyocom
Corporation addresses every single aspect within a network environment.
The new corporation offers “Digital Convergence” solutions to problems
arising with products for consumer use, such as, core network systems
and automotive systems.
At Epson Toyocom, all environmental initiatives operate under
ISO 14000 is an international standard for environmental management
the Plan-Do-Check-Action(PDCA) cycle designed to achieve
that was established by the International Standards Organization in 1996
continuous improvements. The environmental management
against the background of growing concern regarding global warming,
system (EMS) operates under the ISO 14001 environmental
destruction of the ozone layer and global deforestation
management standard.
All of our major manufacturing and non-manufacturing sites,in Japan and overseas, completed the acquisition of ISO 14001 certification.
In the future, new group companies will be expected to acquire the certification around the third year of operations.
In order provide high quality and reliable products and services than meet customer needs,
Epson Toyocom made early efforts towards obtaining ISO9000 series certification and has acquired ISO9001 for all business establishments in Japan
and abroad. We have also acquired ISO/TS 16949 certification that is requested strongly by major automotive manufacturers as standard.
QS-9000 is an enhanced standard for quality assurance systems
formulated by leading U.S. automobile manufacturers based on the
international ISO 9000 series.
ISO/TS 16949 is a global standard based on QS-9000, a severe standard
corresponding to the requirements from the automobile industry.
►Explanation of the mark that are using it for the catalog
►Pb free.
►Complies with EU RoHS directive.
►Pb free terminal designed. Contains Pb in products exempted by RoHS directive.
(Contains Pb in sealing glass, high melting temperature type solder or other.)
►Complies with EU RoHS directive.
►The products have been designed for high reliability applications such as Automotive.
●This material is subject to change without notice.
●Any part of this material may not be reproduced or duplicated in any form or any means without the written permission of Epson Toyocom.
●The information, applied circuitry, programming, usage, etc., written in this material is intended for reference only. Epson Toyocom does not
assume any liability for the occurrence of infringing on any patent or copyright of a third party. This material does not authorize the licensing for
any patent or intellectual copyrights.
●Any product described in this material may contain technology or the subject relating to strategic products under the control of the Foreign
Exchange and Foreign Trade Law of Japan and may require an export license from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry or other
approval from another government agency.
●You are requested not to use the products (and any technical information furnished, if any) for the development and/or manufacture of weapon
of mass destruction or for other military purposes. You are also requested that you would not make the products available to any third party
who may use the products for such prohibited purposes.
●These products are intended for general use in electronic equipment. When using them in specific applications that require extremely high
reliability, such as the applications stated below, you must obtain permission from Epson Toyocom in advance.
/ Space equipment (artificial satellites, rockets, etc.) / Transportation vehicles and related (automobiles, aircraft, trains, vessels, etc.)
/ Medical instruments to sustain life / Submarine transmitters / Power stations and related / Fire work equipment and security equipment
/ traffic control equipment / and others requiring equivalent reliability.
● In this new crystal master for Epson Toyocom, product codes and markings will remain as previously identified prior to the merger.
Due to the on-going strategy of gradual unification of part numbers, please review product codes and markings, as they will change during the
course of the coming months.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will eventually have a unified part numbering system for Epson Toyocom that will be user friendly.