Flashing MinnowBoard Max with Dediprog SF

Flashing MinnowBoard Max with
Dediprog SF-100 in Windows
This firmware installation procedure uses a hardware-based SPI programmer (DediProg SF-100) to
flash the MinnowBoard Max firmware using a host computer running a Windows operating system. We
recommend this procedure for systems that fail to boot or cannot be updated using a software utility.
Connection Between Host and Target
Disconnect the power supply from the MinnowBoard Max.
The DediProg (SF-100) is unable to flash while the MinnowBoard Max power supply is
CAUTION: There is the possibility of damaging the SF-100 if it and the MinnowBoard Max power
supply are connected simultaneously.
August 13, 2014
Revision 1.0
Locate the grouping of headers just beside the SATA connector and the Power Switch,
on the top of the MinnowBoard Max (the side with the processor). The 2x4 grouping of pins
labeled (J1) is where the SF-100 will connect.
3. Connect the DediProg cable to the 2x4 PROG header so that the red wire of the cable is
on the pin 1 side of the header that is furthest from the power switch. Pin 1 is next to
the SATA connector
Pin 1
August 13, 2014
Revision 1.0
4. Open the “DediProg Engineering” software
5. Check to see that the Flash Part is detected by Selecting the Detect Button
Memory List: N25Q064A11
NOTE: If you see this, this is WRONG. Be sure to check that the DediProg is connected to the
computer and that your DediProg driver is installed. The driver is bundled with the DediProg software
installer downloaded from the DediProg website in the WinUSB driver folder.
Also verify that the power is disconnected from the MinnowBoard Max and the connector is in the
correct orientation.
August 13, 2014
Revision 1.0
6. If this is your first time opening the DediProg software, enter the configuration menu by
clicking the config icon
7. Click the Batch icon (in the Advanced Settings window that will pop-up) to access the
Batch Operations Options.
Select the "Download a whole file to chip (Without Blank Check)" option.
Check the checkbox “Reload file each time”.
Select any other options that may be useful to your workflow.
Click on the OK button.
August 13, 2014
Revision 1.0
Click the File icon.
Click the Find button and locate your firmware image file from the windows browser which
will pop up.
Click on the file to select it then hit the open button.
Set the Data Format to Raw Binary.
Leave unchecked the "Truncate file to fit in the target area" check box.
Click OK.
9. Click the Batch icon to start the erase and program sequence.
August 13, 2014
Revision 1.0
10. Wait until the programming is finished. Your MinnowBoard Max is now flashed.
11. Disconnect the programmer.
12. Reconnect the power supply to boot the MinnowBoard Max.
Two Blue LED lights will turn on indicating that the MinnowBoard Max is powered on and in its
boot-up sequence.
August 13, 2014
Revision 1.0