Regulator ICs
Power supply unit for LCDs
BP5302 / BP5302F
The BP5302 and BP5302F are DC / DC converter units for supplying power to liquid crystal display (LCD) panels. The
ICs supply a negative voltage from a positive power supply. They are available in a single in-line package as an upright
(BP5302) or L-shaped lead (BP5302F) type.
LCD panels in personal computers, word processors,
copiers and facsimiles
1) Wide input voltage range. (5 to 14V)
2) Accurate output voltage. (24 ± 0.75V)
3) High conversion efficiency. (typically 80%)
4) Built-in protection circuit.
5) Built-in ON / OFF switch.
6) Compact and light.
7) Available as an upright or L-shaped lead type.
Absolute maximum ratings
Regulator ICs
BP5302 / BP5302F
FElectrical characteristics (unless otherwise noted, Ta = 25_C and R1 and R2 resistors in the measurement circuit
FElectrical characteristics of Fig. 1 are disconnected)
FPin descriptions
Regulator ICs
BP5302 / BP5302F
Measurement circuit and application example
Operation notes
(1) Place I / O external capacitors as near as possible
to the connection pins. In particular, make sure to minimize the impedance between the input-side capacitor
(C1) and pin 9.
(Reference valve: A length less than 50mm is recommended for a copper foil of 1.0mm wide and 35µm thick.)
(2) Avoid frequent switching using the ON / OFF CTL
pin (5 times per second at the maximum).
(3) R1 and R2 resistors, which are used for changing
the output voltage, are usually not required.
Regulator ICs
Electrical characteristic curves
External dimensions (Units: mm)
BP5302 / BP5302F