NiMH Battery Charger (CHFCV2)

NiMH Battery Charger (CHFCV2)
North American Region
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Universal Value Charger
Product Detail:
Designation: Universal Family Charger
Color: Grey
• Charges several
battery types.
Charging: 4-5.5 hrs. for AAA (600-800mAh)
11-13 hrs. for AA (1600-1800mAh)
15-16.5 hrs. for AA (2100-2500mAh)
16.5 hrs. for C/D (2300-2600mAh)
10-13.5 hrs. for 9V (110-150mAh)
NOTE: Batteries must
be charged in pairs
according to specific
battery sizes.
Charging Current: 2 or 4 "AA" 200 mA
2 or 4 "AAA" 200 mA
1 or 2 "9V" 16mA
Trickle Charge: "AA-AAA-C-D" 15-25mA
"9V" No Trickle Charge
• Charges multiple
combinations of AAA,
AA, C, D or 9V NiMH
batteries overnight
• Charges up to 4 AA or
AAA NiMH batteries at
a time.
Shutoff Mechanism: Timer Control
Max Timer Control 16.5 hours
Weight (charger): 500 grams (17.7 oz.)
Dimensions (mm): 52 x 204 x 100 (H x L x W)
Volume (cm 3): 12525 (charger), 1248 (AC adapter)
Important Notice
Before Using Your Charger:
Please read all instructions and cautionary
markings on the battery charger, batteries, and device.
This datasheet contains information specific to products
manufactured at the time of its publication.
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Contents herein do not constitute a warranty.
Best used with Energizer NiMH batteries.
Form No. EBC – 6635
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