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Electromagnetic Field Meter
Model 480823
Congratulations on your purchase of Extech’s Electromagnetic Field Meter, model 480823. This
battery powered meter measures and displays EMF in Gauss and Tesla units with a frequency
bandwidth of 30 to 300Hz. This professional meter, with proper care, will provide years of safe
reliable service.
Meter Description
LCD display
EMF Sensor
Power/Units switch
Note that the tilt stand and battery
compartment are located on the rear of the meter
Meter Operation
1. Place the “OFF/Tesla/Gauss” Switch to the Gauss or Tesla position.
2. Move the meter's sensor slowly toward the device under test and read the LCD indication. If the
LCD display is completely blank or if “LO BAT” appears on the left corner of the LCD, check the
9V battery (replace if necessary).
3. Notice that the field intensity reading increases as you move closer to a field.
4. Position the meter at different angles to the device under test and observe how this positioning
affects the EMF readings.
5. Record the highest reading obtained from the various reading positions.
6. If the device under test is off, the EMF tester reading should go to zero unless another source of
radiation is present.
7. If the meter’s display indicates a “1” on the left side of the LCD, an overload condition exists.
This indicates that the measured radiation is higher than the capability of the meter.
EMF Exposure
The effect of EMF exposure on humans and animals is a modern day concern. At the time of this
writing, to the best of our knowledge, no standards or recommendations exist regarding limits of
EMF exposure. Until evidence suggests that there is not a health risk associated with EMF
exposure, common sense would dictate that a practice of minimal exposure be exercised.
Battery Replacement
When the low battery message “LO BAT” appears on the left corner of the LCD, the 9V battery has
fallen to a critically low voltage level and should be replaced as soon as possible. The battery
compartment cover is located at the bottom rear of the meter. Slide off the battery compartment
cover, change the battery, and replace the compartment cover.
You, as the end user, are legally bound (Battery ordinance) to return all used batteries and
accumulators; disposal in the household garbage is prohibited!
You can hand over your used batteries / accumulators at collection points in your community
or wherever batteries / accumulators are sold!
Disposal: Follow the valid legal stipulations in respect of the disposal of the device at the
end of its lifecycle
13mm (0.5”) 3-1/2 digit (1999 count) LCD
with low battery and overload indication
Measurement rate
Approx. 0.4 seconds
Maximum ranges and
19.99µTesla (0.01) and 199.9mGauss (0.1)
± (4% + 3 digits) @ 50/60Hz
Frequency bandwidth
30 to 300Hz (single axis measurements only)
Over-range indication
“1___” is displayed
Temperature: 0 to 50C (32 to 122 F)
NOTE: 1 µTesla = 10 milli-Gauss
RH: 90% max. (0 to 35C); 80% max. (35 to 50C)
Power source
9V Battery
Power consumption
Approx. 3mA DC
131 x 70 x 25mm (5.2 x 2.8 x 1”)
165g (0.36 lbs.)
Copyright © 2012 Extech Instruments Corporation (a FLIR company)
All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.