Transmission-type THz Microscope IR/V-TM100C-Q28 (349KB)

Transmission-type THz Microscope
The THz microscope is composed of uncooled palm-size THz imager
and high-power compact quantum cascade laser (QCL).
•THz imager
•Biomedical Imaging
•Food inspection
(Detection of foreign substances)
•Non-destructive testing
·Uncooled microbolometer
·QVGA format
· High sensitivity
· Real-time imaging
•High-power QCL
•“Lock In” for SNR improvement
Clip in flour (Visible image)
Clip in flour (THz image)
System outlook
Laptop computer Laptop computer
for THz camera
for Easy QCL
Sample table
THz imager
Easy QCL
Manufactured by LongWave Photonics, LLC
Power supply
for cryocooler
Drive electronics
for QCL
Transmission-type THz Microscope
THz image examples
■Foreign substances of similar densities in flour
Nylon String (300m)
Human hair (70m)
THz imager IR/V-T0831C
Uncooled microbolometer, 320x240 pixels
Frame rate
8.5 Hz
Integration functions
Frame integration, Spatial filter
Lock-in imaging function
Synchronizing signal: 4.29Hz, 2.14Hz,1.43Hz,1.07Hz
Magnification ratio
e.g., 1
Numerical aperture
e.g., 0.5
Working distance
e.g., 30 mm
Infrared blocking filter
Cut-on wavelength : ca. 30 um
THz illumination optics
Illumination area
e.g., From ca. 3 to 10 mm in diameter
THz radiation source
THz source
QCL (manufactured by LongWave Photonics, LLC)
THz Microscopic optics
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