Beam Clamp for 9/16 - 3/4" Flange with 3/4" Push Fit Conduit Clip Customer Specification

Customer Specification
Part Number: P12P912
Product Description: BEAM CLAMP FOR 9/16 ‐ 3/4" FLANGE WITH 3/4" PUSH FIT CONDUIT CLIP
Material Specifications
Type: Assembly
Finish: Assembly
Color: Various
Function Specifications
Compatible Wires and Cables
Threaded Rods and Bolts
Tapped Holes: 1/4"‐20 BACK OF BEAM CLAMP
Clearance Holes (in):
Drop Wire:
Plain Rod (in):
Threaded Rod Size (in):
Compatible Conduit
Compatible Flanges and Studs
Flange Size (in): 9/16 to 3/4
Metal Stud Size (ins):
EMT Size (in): 3/4
Rigid/IMC (in): 1/2
Static Load Rating
Vertical (lbs): 25
Horizontal (lbs):
Codes and Regulatory
Regulatory ‐
Certifications: Country of Origin: US
General Packaging: Cardboard Box
Box Size: 15 X 8.25 X 7.25
Pieces per Package: 100
Other Box Features: Document Information
Created By: DBLA
Checked By: DJW
Approved By: KLN
Customer Specification #:
Revision Level:
ECN #: Date: C11172