NXP hybrid Silicon Tuner TDA18273

NXP hybrid Silicon Tuner
Worldwide TV reception with
hybrid Silicon Tuner
This high-performance Silicon Tuner, designed for worldwide terrestrial and cable TV reception,
supports all analog and digital TV standards.
Key features
Key applications
 Single 3.3 V supply voltage
 Fully integrated IF selectivity
 TV can tuner, NIM
 No need for external LNA and SAW filters
 Fully integrated oscillators
The highly integrated TDA18273 supports all analog (PAL,
 Integrated RF tracking filters
SECAM, NTSC) and digital (DVB-T/C, DVB-T2, ATSC, ISDB-T,
 Alignment-free
DMB-T) TV standards worldwide.
 Integrated wideband gain control
 Best-in-class phase noise performance
 Power Level Detector
 Very fast tuning time
 Strong immunity to spurious and field interferences
 I²C-bus interface (3.3/5 V )
 Low IF output ranges below 10 MHz
For analog TV, it delivers a Low IF (LIF) signal to an
IF demodulator. For digital TV, it delivers the LIF to a channel
decoder. For systems that use a System-on-Chip (SoC)
solution, it can be configured to send the LIF directly to
the TV SoC.
 RoHS green solution
 Compact 40-pin HVQFN (6 x 6 mm)
The device targets the following specifications (in alphabetical
order): ARIB STD-B21, ATSC A74 (US), C-BOOK (Cable, EU),
CENELEC EN55020 (EU), DTG 6.0 (EU), E-BOOK and D-BOOK,
NorDig 2.1 (EU), NorDig cable (EU), and OCUR (US).
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Design tools
Operating characteristics
To reduce time-to-market, the device is supported by
reference design suites, complete with boards, software, and
documentation, that simplify test and evaluation.
Typical value
RF frequency
42 to 870 MHz
Tuner noise figure
4 dB
AGC gain range
130 dB
Maximum input level: analog
119 dBµV
Maximum input level: digital
10 dBm
Phase jitter (UHF from 250 Hz to 4 MHz)
0.4 °
Power dissipation
0.9 W
Image rejection
63 dB
OM3910 (Europe) reference design
OM3911 (US) reference design
Analog + DVB-T + DVB-C frontend
Analog + ATSC/QAM frontend
OM3912 reference design
OM3939 (JP) reference design
Tuner only, analog and digital TV
ISDB-T frontend
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