Rohm BH3532 Audio digital potentiometer Datasheet

Audio ICs
Audio digital potentiometers
The BH3532FS is a digital potentiometer designed for use in audio devices. Its built-in 22kΩ resistance systems can
be used to set the data from the microcomputer in 256 steps.
Volume of recording and playing
1) Resistance can be set to any of 256 steps using digital codes (serial data).
2) Two built-in channels (Lch, Rch)
3) SSOP-A20 package
Absolute maximum ratings (Ta = 25C)
Recommended operating conditions (Ta = 25C)
Block diagram
Audio ICs
Pin descriptions
Input / output circuits
Audio ICs
Electrical characteristics (unless otherwise noted, Ta = 25C, VCC = 3.5V)
Measurement circuit
Audio ICs
Circuit operation
The BH3532FS has two 22kΩ variable resistance systems which can be set in 256 steps (86Ω intervals).
Resistance can be set in 256 steps using the MSB first
8-bit data.
Input data is 17-bit serial data. The first bit is always “L”.
The next eight bits set the resistance for wiper 1. The last
eight bits set the resistance for wiper 0.
Input data is effective when the EN terminal is set to “H”,
and is put on hold when the EN terminal is set to “L”. Also,
the reading of the data is performed when CLK rises.
When input data is effective, the previous output data is
output serially to the DOUT terminal.
See the figures below for more details.
Audio ICs
Electrical characteristic curves
External dimensions (Units: mm)
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