ETC2 BU-2020-A-36-0 Stackable banana plug on both end Datasheet

Part Number:
BU-2020-A-**- *
Stackable Banana Plug
on Both End
Mini-plunger to Stackable Banana Plug
Material: Banana Plug: ABS housing, brass body and beryllium copper,
Nickel-plated, nine-leaf cage spring;
Hook-up wire: #20(41/36) AWG tinned copper with 105°C
PVC insulation; Plunger: Nylon housing; Stainless steel spring
Beryllium copper contact
** Length: -12”(.3m), -24”(.6m), -36”(.9m), -48”(1.2m), -60”(1.5m)
*Std Colors: -0 Black -2 Red
Rating: Hands free testing at 300V Category II, 5 Amps
RoHS Compliant
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