ETC BW911 Desiccant sachets are used to absorb moisture from a given environment. Datasheet

Product Information
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Issue No 2
No: PIS 173
Date : 25 March 2002
Approved by:
Codes: BW910, BW911 and BW912
FEC Part Nos 3026700 and 3026711
Desiccant sachets are used to absorb moisture from a given environment. They prevent objects
within that environment from being affected by corrosion or mould growth. They are especially
useful when used in conjunction with moisture barrier bags whenever moisture control is a critical
factor in the packaging of electrostatic sensitive devices. They are supplied ready for use and do
not require activating.
Instructions for handling and use
Desiccant will absorb moisture from any environment. If it is left outside a closed/sealed container
for any length of time, eg: lying on a work bench, it will absorb all the moisture it can from the
atmosphere and eventually will become saturated.
When using desiccant sachets they should be left in the sealed containers as supplied until required
for use. The containers should only be opened to remove the sachets required then resealed as soon
as possible. It is recommended that part-used polybags of sachets be put into an airtight metal or
plastic drum or pail.
It is recommended that sachets are left in the open atmosphere for not longer than 15 minutes.
Desiccant sachets are supplied in strong polybags in cartons. As long as containers remain sealed
the shelf life should be approximately 9 months.
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