CONEXANT CX06833 Controller-based modem for embedded application Datasheet

Embedded Dial-Up Modems
Controller-Based Modems
Serial/Parallel Modem with Discrete DAA
and Speakerphone Support
Controller-Based Modem for Embedded Applications
Conexant’s broadband communications portfolio includes a comprehensive
suite of semiconductor solutions that enable the digital home and information
network. Dial-up modems continue to be the predominant method of
communication for the embedded market.
The CX06833 modem is ideal for country-specific embedded
applications such as POS Terminals, Set-top Boxes, Metering, Building
Automation, Gaming, Ruggedized Notebooks, Remote Site Management
and any other application that requires a robust dial-up modem solution.
The device integrates the microcontroller, digital signal processor, memory and
support for a discrete DAA. The CX06833 supports either serial or parallel host
interface operation and it is available in a 144-pin TQFP package.
The CX06833 modem features data/fax/Telephone Answering Machine (TAM)
and optional full-duplex speakerphone with up to 56 kbps analog data modem
operation and 14.4 kbps fax modem operation. The V.92 modem includes
Quick Connect, Modem-on-Hold™ and PCM Upstream. The CX06833 is also
available in V.34 or V.32bis options.
Distinguishing Features
• Modulations
- ITU-T V.92, V.90 (SM56D models)
- ITU-T V.34 (SM56D/SM336D)
- ITU-T V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis,
V.22 fast connect, V.23 and V.21
- Bell 212A and Bell 103
- V.250 and V.251 commands
- V.80 synchronous access mode
• V.92, V.34 and V.32bis options
.92 includes Modem-on-Hold™,
Quick Connect and PCM Upstream
Parallel Host
or Serial DTE
single Chip
144-Pin TQfP
Telephone Line
Voice Codec
32-Pin TQFP
Telephone Line
Handset (Optional)
CX06833 Modem Major Interfaces
• F
astPOS (V.29) and V.22 fast connect
• TAM and optional full-duplex
• V.44/V.42bis and MNP5
data compression
• V.42 and MNP2-4 error correction
• 144-pin TQFP package
• Fax modem send and receive
rates up to 14.4 kbps
• Quick time-to-market
• Low-cost solution
• Optional Pb-free devices available
Part Number CX06833
Description Serial/Parallel Modem with Discrete
DAA and Speakerphone support
Embedded Dial-Up Modems
Controller-Based Modems
CX06833 Features
• Data modem
- V.253 commands
- ITU-T V.92, V.90 (SM56D models), V.34 (SM56D and
SM336D models), V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22, V.23,
and V.21; Bell 212A and Bell 103
- 2-bit and 4-bit Conexant ADPCM, 8-bit linear PCM,
and 4-bit IMA coding
- Quick Connect, Modem-on-Hold™ and PCM Upstream
functions (SM56D models)
- Concurrent DTMF, ring, and Caller ID detection
- V.250 and V.251 commands
• Data compression and error correction
- 8 kHz sample rate
ull-duplex speakerphone (FDSP) mode using optional
CX20442 Voice Codec (S models)
- Microphone and speaker interface
- V.44 data compression
- Telephone handset or headset interface
- V.42bis and MNP 5 data compression
- Acoustic and line echo cancellation
- V.42 LAPM and MNP 2-4 error correction
- Microphone gain and muting
• Fax modem send and receive rates up to 14.4 kbps
- V.17, V.29, V.27 ter, and V.21 channel 2
- Speaker volume control and muting
• Built-in host/DTE interface
- EIA/TIA 578 Class 1 and T.31 Class 1.0
- Parallel 16550A UART-compatible interface up to 230.4 kbps
- FastPOS (V.29) and V.22 fast connect
.80 synchronous access mode supports host-controlled
communication protocols with H.324 interface support
• Interfaces to optional external ROM/flash ROM, RAM,
and/or serial EEPROM
- Supports custom firmware
- Serial ITU-T V.24 (EIA/TIA-232-E) logical interface up
to 115.2 kbps
• Direct mode (serial DTE interface)
• Flow control and speed buffering
• Automatic format/speed sensing
• Serial async/sync data; parallel async data
• Data/Fax/Voice call discrimination
• Support for many country-specific DAA configurations
- Caller ID detection for many countries
hin packages support low profile designs
(1.6 mm max. height)
- CX06833: 144-pin TQFP
- Call progress, blacklisting
- Internal ROM includes default values for 29 countries
- Additional modified country profiles can be stored in
internal SRAM or optional serial EEPROM
• Caller ID detect
- On-hook Caller ID detection
- CX20442 VC: 32-pin TQFP
• +3.3V operation with +5V tolerant digital inputs
• Typical power use
161 mW (Normal Mode); 52.8 mW
(Sleep Mode)
CX20442 VC: 5 mW (Normal Mode)
- Off-hook Call Waiting Caller ID detection during
data mode in V.92, V.90, V.34, V.32bis, and V.32
• Distinctive ring detect
odem customization available through patch code that
can be stored in optional serial EEPROM or internal SRAM
• Telephony/TAM
Conexant Product Portfolio
The company’s broad portfolio of semiconductor products also includes client-side DSL, cable, and dial-up modem solutions; fiber optic system-onchips; broadcast video encoders and decoders; digital set-top box components and systems solutions; and IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n-compliant WLAN
chipsets. Additional products include a complete line of asymmetric and symmetric DSL central office solutions, which are used by service providers
worldwide to deliver broadband data, voice, and video over copper telephone lines.
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