NI DAQPAD-6015 Portable high-performance multifunction daq for usb Datasheet

Portable High-Performance
Multifunction DAQ for USB
NI DAQPad-6015, NI DAQPad-6016
• 16 analog inputs at up to 200 kS/s,
16-bit resolution
• Multiple signal connectivity
• 2 analog outputs for accurate
output signals
• Up to 32 digital I/O lines
• OEM version available
Operating Systems
• Windows 2000/XP
Recommended Software
• LabWindows/CVI
• Measurement Studio
• VI Logger
Other Compatible Software
• C++
• C#
• Visual Basic
Measurement Services
Software (included)
• NI-DAQmx driver software
• Measurement & Automation
Explorer configuration software
NI DAQPad-6015
NI DAQPad-6016
Analog Inputs1 Input Resolution Sampling Rate
16 SE/8 DI
16 bits
200 kS/s
16 SE/8 DI
16 bits
200 kS/s
Input Range Analog Outputs Output Resolution Output Rate2
±0.05 to ±10 V
16 bits
300 S/s
±0.05 to ±10 V
16 bits
300 S/s
Output Range
±10 V
±10 V
Digital I/O Counter/Timers
– single ended, DI – differential 2System-dependent
Hardware Overview
The National Instruments DAQPad-6015 and DAQPad-6016
multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) devices provide plug-and-play
connectivity via USB for acquiring, generating, and logging data in a
variety of portable and desktop applications. DAQPad devices with
screw terminals or BNC connectors provide direct connectivity so
you can easily connect sensors and signals without extra cost. With
DAQPad-6015 mass termination, you can cable to external
accessories and signal conditioning devices such as NI SCC devices.
All devices feature 16-bit accuracy at up to 200 kS/s. The
DAQPad-6016 also provides 32 digital I/O lines for applications
requiring an extended interface to digital sensors and actuators.
Recommended Accessories
NI DAQPad-6016
Screw Terminal
NI DAQPad-6015
Screw Terminal
NI DAQPad-6015 BNC
NI DAQPad-6015
Mass Termination
NI DAQPad-6016 OEM
Signal Connectivity
Signals <10 V
Signals >10 V
Built-in signal connectivity – no accessories needed
SCC signal
Custom or third-party 50-pin connector
Table 2. NI DAQPad-601x Accessory Selection Guide
Common Applications
Software Overview
NI DAQPad-6015 and DAQPad-6016 include NI-DAQmx
measurement services software with which you can quickly
configure and begin taking measurements with your DAQ
device. NI-DAQmx provides a seamless interface to LabVIEW,
LabWindows/CVI, and Measurement Studio development
environments with features such as DAQ Assistant and a single
programming interface for all device functions.
The DAQPad-6015 and DAQPad-6016 are ideal for a number of
applications where portability and accurate measurements are
essential, such as:
• Portable data logging – log environmental or voltage data quickly
and easily
• Field-monitoring applications
• Embedded OEM applications
• In-vehicle data acquisition
• Academic lab use – academic discounts are available for quantities
of five or more. Visit for details.
Portable High-Performance
Multifunction DAQ for USB
Information for OEM Customers
National Instruments has created a special OEM hardware kit for the
DAQPad-6016. It does not include the enclosure, power supply, screw
terminals, or printed documentation. Power supplies are
sold separately. The OEM hardware kit includes two standard
50-pin connectors for connecting to custom or third-party
accessories. For information on quantity pricing for this kit, please
contact your local sales representative.
Ordering Information
NI DAQPad-6015
Screw terminal ........................................................779047-0P1
Mass termination ....................................................779201-0P1
NI DAQPad-6016
Screw terminal ........................................................779025-0P1
Includes NI-DAQmx software.
1 P = power, 1 for U.S. (120 V), 2 for Switzerland (220 V), 3 for Australia (240 V),
4 for Europe (240 V), 6 for UK (240 V), 7 for Japan (100 V)
NI DAQPad-6016, OEM hardware-only kit ................190177-01
For complete product specifications, pricing, and accessory
information, call (800) 813 3693 (U.S. only) or go to
National Instruments • Tel: (800) 813 3693 • [email protected] •
NI Services and Support
NI has the services and support to meet your
needs around the globe and through the
application life cycle – from planning
and development through deployment
and ongoing maintenance. We offer
services and service levels to meet
customer requirements in research,
design, validation, and manufacturing.
Local Sales and Technical Support
In offices worldwide, our staff is local to the country, giving you
access to engineers who speak your language. NI delivers industryleading technical support through online knowledge bases, our
applications engineers, and access to 14,000 measurement and
automation professionals within NI Developer Exchange forums.
Find immediate answers to your questions at
We also offer service programs that provide automatic upgrades to
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development time, and reduce maintenance costs over the
application life cycle. We schedule instructor-led courses in cities
worldwide, or we can hold a course at your facility. We also offer a
professional certification program that identifies individuals who
have high levels of skill and knowledge on using NI products.
Hardware Services
NI Factory Installation Services
NI Factory Installation Services (FIS) is the fastest and easiest way to
use your PXI or PXI/SCXI combination systems right out of the box.
Trained NI technicians install the software and hardware and
configure the system to your specifications. NI extends the standard
warranty by one year on hardware components (controllers, chassis,
modules) purchased with FIS. To use FIS, simply configure your
system online with
Professional Services
Our Professional Services Team is comprised of NI applications
engineers, NI Consulting Services, and a worldwide National Instruments
Alliance Partner program of more than 600 independent consultants
and integrators. Services
range from start-up assistance
to turnkey system integration.
Calibration Services
NI recognizes the need to maintain properly calibrated devices for
high-accuracy measurements. We provide manual calibration
procedures, services to recalibrate your products, and automated
calibration software specifically designed for use by metrology
laboratories. Visit
Repair and Extended Warranty
We offer design-in consulting and product integration assistance
if you want to use our products for OEM applications. For
information about special pricing and services for OEM customers,
NI provides complete repair services for our products. Express repair
and advance replacement services are also available. We offer
extended warranties to help you meet project life-cycle requirements.
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National Instruments • [email protected]
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