ETC2 HSL-DI16DO16-UD 16-ch discrete input-16-ch discrete output module Datasheet

HSL Slave Modules
16-CH Discrete Input-16-CH Discrete Output Modules
Support 16 DI channels and 16 DO channels
Transmission speeds: 3/6/12 Mbps
RJ-45 phone jack for easy installation
Compact and single board design to meet space limitation
and cost-effective requirement ■ Offer three connection options:
UJ Type
• Suitable for single I/O channel wiring.
• Each connector offers three pins: power,
signal, and ground.
US Type
• Suitable for bundle wiring with lock.
• Flat cables can be used to connect to
each sensor or actuator.
UD Type
• Suitable for screw type wiring.
• Each wire to sensors or actuators can
be fixed by the screw terminal.
Software Support
■ Windows® Platform
Windows® 7/Vista (32-bit)/XP/2000 libraries
■ HSL LinkMaster Utility
The HSL LinkMaster utility is used to scan and
test slave devices.
Industrial control and process systems
CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) systems
Security control systems
Remote control systems
Slave ID Consumption
Transmission Mode
Transmission Speed
Input Impedance
Input Current
Input Voltage
Operation Temperature
Photo Couple Isolation Voltage
LED Indicator
Power Requirement
Ordering Information
16-CH discrete input and 16-CH discrete output
module with UJ type connector, NPN type
16-CH discrete input and 16-CH discrete output
module with US type connector, NPN type
16-CH discrete input and 16-CH discrete output
module with UD type connector, NPN type
■ PCI-7853
Single HSL master controller with two separate
■ PCI-7854
Dual HSL master controller with four separate
■ PCI-7856
Master-slave distributed motion & I/O master
controller (For more information on PCI-7856,
please refer to Section 6, P6-26)
Full/Half duplex
3/6/12 Mbps selectable, 6 Mbps is the default setting
4.7 KΩ
±10 mA (max), ±12 mA (peak), NPN sinking type
+24 V
0˚C to +60˚C
2500 VRMS
Power, Input/Output status and Link
138 x 52.7 x 71.8 mm (W x H x D)
+24 VDC (±10%)
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