MTRONPTI MHO+23FBG-R 14 pin dip, 5.0 volt, hcmos/ttl, clock oscillator Datasheet

MHO+ Series
14 pin DIP, 5.0 Volt, HCMOS/TTL, Clock Oscillator
• Standard 14 DIP Package
• RoHS Compliant Version Available (-R)
• Tristate Option
• Wide Operating Temperature Range
Pin Connections
Available Symmetry
Consult factory for availability of higher frequencies.
TTL load - See load circuit diagram #1. HCMOS load - See load circuit diagram #2.
Symmetry is measured at 1.4 V with TTL load, and at 50% Vdd with HCMOS load.
Rise/Fall times are measured between 0.5 V and 2.4 V with TTL load, and between 10% Vdd and 90% Vdd with HCMOS load.
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Revision: 11-21-06
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