Mounting Instruction
MSA 002, 003
• The measuring length of the Linear Encoder
must be longer than the travel length of the machine!
• Remove transport brackets prior to operation
• Never tilt the encoder head with respect to the extrusion
• Do not connect or disconnect the encoder head with the
Digital Readout or Control if the power is on.
• The Linear Encoder is not protected against dust and
water drops.
• Do not touch the connector pins! (ESD-Instrucion)
• Overall cable length should not exceed 30 m!
Mounting of the extrusion
Inspection of the mounting
• First, mount the extrusion and loosely tighten
the mounting screws.
• Adjust the mounting so that the extrusion is parallel
to the machine guideway, and tighten the mounting
screws according to the specifications.
• Move the slide over the full range of motion to make sure
that full machine movement range can be obtained
without the encoder contacting the end of the scale
extrusion. Otherwise, the Linear Encoder will be
Tying down the cables
• Lay the cable so that the minimal bending radius is not
When you have mounted the encoder head at the
moving part of your machine, the cable should be
laying in a drag-chain.
• Overall cable length should not exceed 30 m!
Mounting notes
• The best location for mounting a Linear Encoder
is to mount it as close to the centerline of the slide,
or as close to the guideways of the machine, as possible.
• To mount the Linear Encoder, two mounting surfaces are
required; one for the extrusion and one for the encoder
head. If the unit cannot be mounted directly onto the slide,
then mounting brackets would be required.
• Mount the Linear Encoder so that the encoder head never
runs into the end of the extrusion, for overtraveling the
measuring length will destroy the unit!
• If possible, the extrusion should be mounted on the moving
part of the machine guideway and the encoder head fixed,
so that the cable is rigidly attached to the machine and
continuous cable flexure and the chance of a cable snag
are eliminated.
Mounting of the encoder head
• Move the encoder head carefully by hand to the
mounting surface.
• Initially, lightly tighten the screws.
• Adjust the encoder head gap to the mounting gap and
tolerance (1 mm gap), and tighten the mounting screws
according to the specifications.
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