Quatro ® 4200 Family
Programmable SOC Solution
for Printers and All-in-Ones
Product Brief
Driving the Digital Lifestyle
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Quatro SOCs
The Quatro 4200 family of SOC solutions advances the
integration standard and value set by their predecessor, the
market-leading Quatro 4100 for feature-rich printer appliances.
Building upon the cost-effective 4100, the 4200 family adds new
processing and connectivity features. This enables a lower
BOM cost as well as the addition of valuable new product
features. Like the Quatro 4100, the 4200 family integrates two
proven processors, the ARM7 RISC CPU core and Zoran's
Quatro SIMD DSP core, providing OEMs with an easily
programmable and inexpensive controller platform. The 4200
family is ideal for applications that require one or more PCindependent functions such as color inkjet AIOs, monochrome
and color laser AIOs, and direct-connect photo printers with
Hi-Speed USB or memory card interfaces.
Key Features
Cost-effective solution
• 67 MHz ARM7 CPU core
Highly integrated system-on-a-chip with both PC and non-PC
interfaces, enabling the lowest possible cost
• 133 MHz quad-processor SIMD DSP core
• Integrated 16-bit scanner AFE
• USB 2.0 Hi-Speed device (480 Mbps)
Rapid time-to-market
• USB 2.0 Hi-Speed host (480 Mbps) for camera direct-connect or
Programmable platform for rapidly deploying innovative features and
associated image processing pipelines
• Memory card interfaces
High performance
peripheral connect
• Graphical LCD interface
• NTSC/PAL video output
Specialized imaging DSP core paired with the industry-leading
ARM7 CPU core
• Programmable interfaces to control inkjet and dye-sub print heads,
Three series tailored to the needs of specific segments
• Copies 8.5" x 11" photos in 40 seconds at 600 dpi
• 4200 for AIOs and photo printers with memory card and character
• 4201 for advanced photo-AIOs with LCD interfaces and expanded
• 4202 for advanced photo printers that do not require scanning
laser engines, and scanner assemblies
• Complete development tool suite
• Complete reference design
• Compatible with code bases developed for other Quatro SOCs
• Extensive image processing library
Entry-Level Print Appliances
The entry-level segments within the market for print appliances AIOs
and direct-connect photo printers are growing dramatically. Driving
this growth are lower prices, innovative features, and the proliferation
of image-rich content from digital cameras, scanned documents, and
the Web. The 4200 family is designed to address the aggressive cost
requirements of these segments. Through its full programmability, the
4200 family allows OEMs to rapidly bring products to market and with
more innovative features, including graphical LCD displays, fax, and
high-speed USB camera docks.
Programmable Platform
The 4200 family is a highly integrated SOC solution for appliance
printers that OEMs can program to implement the features and
associated image processing required across a range of products.
Because it is programmable, the 4200 family offers OEMs both
significant time-to-market advantages and differentiation over
conventional ASIC solutions.
Quatro Architecture
The 4200 family is based on a scalable, extensible platform for
constructing programmable SOC solutions in imaging and printing
At the heart of the architecture are four key elements:
• ARM 32-bit RISC CPU core
• Quatro 4-datapath SIMD DSP core
• Industry-standard internal bus
• Easy-to-use C-based programming environment
Imaging-Quatro 4200-PB-2.0
Quatro 4200 Family
Driving the Digital Lifestyle
Programmable SOC Solution
for Printers and All-in-Ones
Product Brief
Description (continued)
Processing Modules
• 67 MHz ARM7 32-bit RISC CPU core
• 133 MHz Quatro 4-datapath SIMD DSP core
• 133 MHz JBIG compression/decompression core
• 133 MHz JPEG assist module
Interfaces Modules
• 133 MHz 8-bit or 16-bit SDRAM interface
• USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (480 Mbps) device interface (including PHY)
• USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (480 Mbps) and Full-Speed (12 Mbps) hosts
• Memory card interface: CompactFlash (including Microdrive),
Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, Secure Digital, xD-Picture
Card, MultiMediaCard, and SmartMedia
• Integrated 16-bit scanner AFE supporting CCD and
CIS scanners
• Powerful programmable printer and scanner mechanism control
interface with dual 133 MHz 8-bit flexRISC processors
• 15-channel, 3MHz 10-bit A/D
• System bus interface
• General-purpose I/O interface
• Serial port
• JTAG interface
• NTSC/PAL video output
• Graphical LCD interface
By pairing the ARM CPU core with the Quatro DSP core, the Quatro
solution provides OEMs with a unique combination of high
performance processing and easy-to-use programmability. The ARM
CPU core, the established leader in embedded CPU cores, delivers
high performance system and control processing with dense code
size and a highly regarded software development tool suite.
Key Specifications
• 216-pin LQFP or 292-pin BGA package
• 0.18 micron process
• On-chip PLL with EMI reduction
• Full scan design and on-chip memory BIST for high production test
• Core voltage 1.8V
• I/O voltage 3.3V (5V tolerant)
• Power dissipation 2W
• Sleep mode
The 4200 family Quatro DSP core builds on 6 generations and 10
years of Zoran Quatro DSP technology. The 4-datapath parallel
processing Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD) architecture is
specifically tailored for imaging applications, delivering unmatched
performance. The Quatro DSP offers up to 530 million multiplyaccumulates (MACs) per second at 133 MHz, allowing new imaging
features to be quickly implemented without changing hardware,
enabling rapid time-to-market and minimizing development expense.
Programming Environment
The programming environment for the 4200 family is based on the
ARM RealView Developer Suite, widely recognized as one of the
best embedded development tool sets available. To these proven
ARM tools Zoran integrates a set of tools for programming the
Quatro DSP—C compiler assembler, simulator, debugger, and
libraries. Using the ARM CPU and Quatro DSP simulators, an OEM’s
complete system—both system functions and image processing
pipelines—can be fully developed and simulated on a PC. Zoran’s
extensive library of optimized image processing algorithms makes
developing image processing pipelines easy.
Quatro 4200 Family Controller Block Diagram
Quatro 4200
Reference Design
To further shorten time-to-market, Zoran provides OEMs with a
reference design for an inkjet AIO. The reference design includes
both a controller board and firmware. The reference controller board
also serves as a development board that OEMs can use to prototype
their own system code.
Printer Heads/
Memory Cards
USB Device
Connector (FS)
USB Host
Connector (FS)
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