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Interactive Display and Image Processor
Conexant’s portfolio includes a comprehensive suite of semiconductor
solutions for communications and consumer applications.
Conexant delivers a new level of imaging and multimedia performance with
the introduction of the CX92735. The CX92735 is an integrated, customizable
Processor with features that enable advanced multimedia for digital photo
frames, multimedia/connected devices, and interactive display appliances.
The device delivers best-in-class image processing, quick time-to-market, and
a low cost Bill of Materials (BOM).
The CX92735 features a flexible LCD interface, hardware JPEG codec, and
Conexant’s image processing pipeline, which handles concurrent processing
of high resolution JPEG images and enhancing images for LCD display. A
high-resolution LCD controller supports up to HD LCD resolutions, and can
interface to LVDS or HDMI devices for display flexibility. A programmable
video output module is included that connects to a variety of LCD modules
with no additional circuitry. Streaming audio and video, and audio MP3
playback with slideshow are supported, as well as Bluetooth®, WiFi®, and
integrated Ethernet MAC connectivity. The camera memory card controller
provides support for Secure Digital, CompactFlash®, MultiMediaCard,
Memory Stick®, Memory stickPRO, SmartMedia, NandFlash, and xD-Picture
A high-performance 32-bit ARM9 RISC processor supports a robust
embedded operating system and a flexible user interface design. The
CX92735 contains two USB 2.0 host controllers that enable bidirectional
data transfers at both high speed and full speed. Enhanced multimedia and
graphics processing is supported with the ARM9’s Vector Floating Point Unit
(VFP), large internal caches, and high speed DDR2 memory.
Conexant’s industry-standard development environment, Software
Development Kit (SDK), and turnkey hardware and firmware enable
manufacturers to quickly design cost-effective digital imaging products.
Distinguishing Features
• ARM9 microprocessor with Vector Floating Point Unit
• High-performance image processor and JPEG codec
• High speed DDR2 memory
• USB 2.0 high-speed device and two host ports
• Integrated Ethernet MAC
• Direct Memory Card Controller
• LCD Controller supporting up to HD resolution
• Integrated Multimedia SoC solution to support advanced Digital Photo Frame (DPF) and Interactive Display Appliance designs
• MPEG4/H.264 video decode support with hardware post processor
• Dedicated hardware image processing to provide high-performance JPEG image processing and photo rendering
• I2C interface, I2S, SPI, SDIO/UART interfaces
• ARM9 RISC processor, with Vector Floating Point Unit, and expanded on-chip caches for complex computational and system tasks
• USB 2.0 host and device support for fast image transfer, connection to USB peripherals
• Robust memory card interface, including SDIO, supporting all major card types and expansion options
• Integrated Ethernet MAC to support Connected Device options
• Firmware support for unique Display Appliance functions and User Interface flexibility, including WiFi and Network Drivers
• Direct Touchscreen support via integrated ADCs and GP control
• ThreadX and Linux Operating System support
Part Number CX92735
Interactive Display and Image Processor
Imaging Solutions
Interactive Display Appliances
• ARM9 microprocessor with Vector FPU
• Memory Management Unit (MMU)
• 32KB Data Cache, 16KB Instruction Cache
External Memory Support
• DDR2 Memory
• Serial Flash / NAND Flash
• Flash Memory Cards (SD/SDHC/MMC, MS, MSPro, xD, CF)
• SDIO expansion port
• Integrated 10/100Mbit Ethernet MAC
• USB 2.0 host ports (2), USB 2.0 device port
– WiFi, Bluetooth, and other USB peripheral support
• Multiple UARTs / SPI / I2C
• I2S audio interface
• Direct Touchscreen / Sensor support through Integrated ADC’s Image Processor
Hardware JPEG codec and Image Processor
– Adjustable Color Tables, Tonal Response Curve (TRC), filters to enable unique DPF features
Camera Memory
Card Slots
Memory Card/
LCD Display
Color HD-LCD
USB Devices
USB 2.0
Host I/F (2)
USB 2.0
High Speed/
Full Speed I/F
– Hardware scaler to adjust images for aspect ratio
– Video Post Processor to accelerate Multimedia Processing
• Hardware rotation
Display Support
• TFT LCD (Digital RGB) & CCIR656 support, up to HD resolutions
• Reference Designs for LVDS connections
• Complete DPF and Interactive Display Appliance Solution
– ThreadX and Linux Operating System Support
Digital Camera Support
• Mass storage class
• Picture transfer protocol (PTP)
• Real-time clock with battery backup
A/D and PWM Control
• Multi-channel 10-bit A/D
• Four pulse width modulators (PWMs) with firmware control
• 289-pin ball grid array (BGA) fpBGA package - RoHS compliant
Development Environment
• C/C++ Compiler/Assembler/Linker
• JTAG In-Circuit Emulator
• PC Command Line Debugger/Profiler
Hardware Image
Processing Accelators
Color Table Adjust
Tonal Response Curve
Zoom and Rotate
Arbitrary Scaler
Color Space Conversion
Hardware JPEG Codec
Programmable YUV-RGB Formatter
Physical Layer
(SDIO) Port
User Interface
CX92735 Block Diagram
Conexant Product Portfolio
Conexant’s comprehensive product portfolio includes solutions for imaging, audio, and video applications, and analog modems that enable costeffective Internet access. The company’s broadband access products include end-to-end solutions for xDSL networks, and PON solutions for fiber
optic applications.
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