AGILENT N2640A-010

Agilent WireScope™ Pro
Professional Network Test
Option N2640A-010
Network Turn-Up and
Gigabit Ethernet Troubleshooting
Technical Data, Software Release 3.0
Network Turn-Up with the
WireScope Pro
Agilent’s WireScope Pro is a handheld
Category 6A/ Class EA and Class F LAN
cabling tester with a 1 GHz frequency
range. The new Professional Network
Test option enables LAN cabling
installers and solution integrators to
turn up Gigabit speed networks with
one set of testers. It allows network
administrators to troubleshoot
networks across layers 1 to 4, and to
locate network issues and bottlenecks
at any line rate up to 1 Gbit/s.
Pre-defined performance tests and
online manuals make the WireScope
Pro very easy to use. Expert users can
assist technicians in difficult cases
through the optional remote control
and web based access to test results.
Features and Benefits
• Automatic Network Discovery
simplifies the documentation of
network resources and stations
• Autotest application performance
testing allows for quick isolation
of protocol, configuration and
resource performance problems.
• Supports 802.3ab and 802.3z
compliant 10/100/1000BASE-T
copper and 1000BASE-SX/-LX
Gigabit fiber SFP interfaces.
• Optional remote control via web
browser allows troubleshooting,
monitoring, and reporting from
central office, eliminating costly
• Full-screen, color LCD displays
clear and complete results
• Touch-screen interface and online
manuals enhance ease of use.
Quickly Diagnose and Troubleshoot
Network Problems
Automated and Simplified Network
Service Testing and Pre-Qualification
Connectivity to a Range of Protocols
and Physical Media
WireScope Pro Professional Network
Test contains a complete arsenal for
troubleshooting tools from Ping and
Trace Route to and statistical analysis
of the traffic breakdown.
With just a few clicks, the instrument
allows to identify 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
Ethernet utilization, broadcasts, pause
frames, collisions, and errors, or
pinpoint incorrectly assigned subnet
masks, misconfigured servers, and
duplicate IP addresses.
WireScope Pro Autotest uses a unique
technique to objectively measure and
benchmark the performance of
network application servers, and
produces detailed reports on the
performance metrics. This feature is
useful for both troubleshooting and
network turn-up.
Enabling Professional Network Test on
the WireScope Pro activates the unit’s
built-in network test ports. The
instrument is equipped with an RJ45
test port for 10/100/1000 Mbit/s over
copper and an SFP (Small Form-factor
Pluggable) interface for Gigabit
Ethernet over fiber. A USB-powered
media converter for 100BASE-FX and a
range of SFP Gigabit Ethernet optical
transceivers are optionally available.
General Specifications
Automatic Network Discovery
Once connected, the WireScope Pro
automatically surveys the network and
displays all devices in a switched
network, providing instant visibility of
IP and IPX devices on different
subnets, along with their MAC
addresses, network addresses, and
names. Using the Network database
populated by the network discovery
function, the asset of network stations
and services can be documented;
rogue stations and unauthorized
services can be identified.
User Interface
56 mm x 150 mm (2.2” x 5.9”)
touch-sensitive color LCD display
Size: 232 mm x 126 mm x 86.7 mm
(9.13” x 4.96” x 3.41”)
Weight: approx. 1.36 kg
(approx. 3.0 lbs.)
Test Interfaces
• Electrical 10/100/1000BASE-T
RJ45 interface, full and half duplex
• Supported SFP fiber interfaces:
1000BASE-SX and -LX
• Universal Serial Bus (USB 1.1)
• Talkset Interface:
3.5 mm stereo jack
• Auxiliary 10/100BASE-T RJ45
interface for remote control and
web access to the instrument;
requires option N2640A-041 for
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Power Supply
Software Upgrade
Environmental Conditions
• Removable/Rechargeable Li-Ion
batteries; provide 5 to 8 hours of
continuous operation.
Semi-automated software upgrade
using USB Flash Drive or special USB
cable (included).
Operating Temperature
0°C to +40°C
• AC Power adapter: 100~240 V AC,
12 V/3.3 A DC, plugs directly into
the battery. Battery can be
recharged separate from the
Administration Functions
Remote control from any PC on the
network; requires installation of a
small applet.
Data Storage
Access to measurement results
through web browser
• 64 MByte internal flash memory,
15.6 MByte user accessible;
shared with cable test application.
Generation of printable reports through
web browser
• 256 MByte USB Flash Drive
included. Allows storing Network
Station Database, Network
Settings, Test Results Database,
and Test Suites.
Available User Interface Languages
Storage Temperature
–10°C to +55°C
Relative Humidity
10% to 80%
Operating Altitude
up to 3000 meters
Pollution Degree: 2
English, French, Spanish, Italian,
German, Simplified Chinese, Korean,
Professional Network Testing, Option N2640A-010
Supported Protocols
Supported RFCs
RFC 2617 (HTTP Basic Authentication Scheme), RFC 959 (FTP)
Supported Services
Email, Web, File, DNS, DHCP, WNS, Novell, Print, FTP, Primary DC, Secondary DC Servers,
Switches and Routers
Traffic Statistics
Protocol statistics
Top talker analysis
Local utilization and error statistics
Local error source
Network Discovery
automatic network discovery, active and passive
Ping, Trace route, Locate Switch Port, Error (problem) log
Demo (training) mode
Comprehensive built-in help function
SNMP Query Functions
Locate Switch Port
SNMP public MIBs
SNMP community setup
Report Generation
Comma Separated Value (csv, raw data)
html (formatted report with tables)
Network Station List, Network Statistics
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Ordering Information
Professional Network Test software
Remote control and web access to the
instrument via Auxiliary Port; enabled
by individual software license
(available from May 2008).
For upgrades of existing WireScope
Pro LAN Cabling testers with the
Professional Network Test option, an
individual license code must be
entered in the System menu of the
WireScope Pro.
To acquire an upgrade license, please
contact your Agilent Sales
Representative, and have your
instrument’s serial number available.
Recommended Accessories
Multimode SFP Transceiver,
Single Mode SFP Transceiver,
100BASE-FX Media Converter, USB
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