CY3217 “MiniProg” Programmer
The MiniProg provides a simple to use and cost effective programming solution that is superb for a
development environment. It consists of a USB interface to the development PC and a 5-pin header that
is used to connect to the target board. It works in conjunction with the GenProg software available
through download as part of the PSoC Designer tools on the Cypress website. The MiniProg can also be
used in conjunction with the CY3216 to program devices out-of-system, or with the CY3655-PLG to
program enCoRe II devices through the USB connector.
The CY3217 kit consists of the same programmer that is available in the PSoC CY3210-MiniProg1, but
provided as a stand-alone item without the PSoC evaluation board. This kit is an ideal item to enable
quick turn programming at multiple development/test sites.
The CY3217 “MiniProg” USB Programmer includes:
(1) MiniProg programmer board
(2) Std-A to Mini-B USB cable