Daughter Board for Gene Series
LINE_IN External Jack
MIC_IN External Jack
LINE_OUT External Jack
CD_IN Connectors
LVDS 26-pin External Connector
Two USB External Connectors
S-Video Connector
RCA External Jack
LVDS Transmitter/Receiver Module
The PCM-3524 is used for extending the transmission distance between the
CPU board and the LCD.
What included are as following:
1. LVDS module (transmitter)
2. LVDS module (receiver)
3. 50 pin flat cable (from transmitter to CPU Board)
4. 3 meter LVDS cable (standard length) miscellaneous mounting
Supports TFT LCD only
20 to 65MHz shift clock supported
Transmitter strobe (falling edge or rising edge)
Single power supply (3.3V or 5V)
Chipset (Tx + Rx) power consumption < 500mW
Power-down mode (< 1.0mW total)
Single pixel per clock XGA (1024 x 768) ready
Supports VGA, SVGA, XGA and higher address
Up to 340 Mbytes/sec. bandwidth
Up to 2.6 Gbps throughput
290mV swing LVDS devices for low EMI
Falling edge data strobe Receiver
Compatible with TIA/EIA-644 LVDS standard
ESD rating > 7kV
1. The length of usable LVDS cable is dependent on the LCD. In other words, with
the many LCDs available on the market and their respective specifications, this
unit may not operate with all of them. You are strongly suggested to contact
AAEON for help to check if this unit goes with your LCD panels.
2. The standard LVDS cable is 3 meters, for length other than 3 meters a minimal
order is required
All specifications are subject to change without notification.