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Item # 26700-209, Mighty Scope Digital 5M - 10-200x
Mighty Scope Digital 5M - 10-200x
Wide range of uses
The Mighty Scope is great for science and engineering work, dermatology, detailed repair, assembly and quality control
(i.e. electronics, mechanical, etc), hobbies &collecting (coin, stamp, watch, jewelry, etc.), law enforcement (counterfeit ID,
crime lab, etc), entertainment and much more.
• Easy to use, 6-LED brightness controllable hand-held USB digital microscope. • Adjustable magnification from 10x–200x, all in one compact lens. • Adjustable magnification from 10x–200x, all in one compact lens. • Active Pixel Technology produces sharp images and accurate color reproduction. • Professional measurement software to capture pictures, record video, freeze images and compare live and existing
pictures. • Software compare mode supports dual microscope image comparison mode. • Microtouch Shutter trigger allows for convenient image capture when in hand held mode or mounted on a stand. • Includes an adjustable metal stand. Add to Cart and then select optional accessories
Image Sensor
Effective Pixels (HxV)
1/4" Color CMOS
Signal Output
USB 2.0
10x to 200x
Gain Control
Auto Gain Control
Snap Shot Mode
Hardware &Software Controllable
White Balance
Power Source
5 VDC through USB port
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Windows XP, SP2 &Vista &7
Power Consumption
110 mA (AVG)
LED Light Type
6 White LEDs
Frame Rate
Working Distance
15 fps (2048 x 1536)
30 fps (1024x768)
30 fps (640x480)
At 10x, 112 mm
At 20x, 42 mm
At 30x, 19 mm
At 40x, 8.5 mm
1.55 lb
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