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MicroTouch ClearTek II
Touch System
Product Highlights
• Excellent light transmission of 91.5%
(±1.5%) provides vibrant optical
characteristics with optimal anti-glare
Better by Design
Known for innovative technology and products, 3M Touch Systems has leveraged
decades of capacitive technology experience to create the MicroTouch ClearTek II
Touch System. Based on a complete re-engineering of the 3M-patented Profile design,
the ClearTek II touch system offers optimized optics, facilitates display integration and
creates a more environment-friendly touch system.
• R
esilient top coat provides smooth, easy
glide surface while offering durable scratch
• T he accuracy, durability, and fast touch
response expected from a MicroTouch
ClearTek II product.
ClearTek II touch screens, combined with the solid foundation of MicroTouch EX II
electronics and robust MicroTouch software offer high endurance solutions for a
multitude of touch applications where exceptional performance, vibrant optics and
environmental robustness is mission-critical, 24/7.
• P erformance unaffected by everyday
contaminants in the environment
The Clear Difference
3M Touch Systems offers a wide portfolio of touch technologies and touch products
with a commitment to ease of integration, responsiveness, reliability and simplicity of
use. With its world-class support and service organization, 3M provides expert technical
consulting service and support wherever any of our products are designed, integrated
or delivered. It is this complete solution approach that ensures remarkable compatibility
and exceptional service, backed by 3M.
MicroTouch ClearTek II Capacitive Touch System
Performance Input Method
Finger input.
Accuracy* Reported touch coordinates are within 1.0% of
true position (based on the diagonal dimension
of the screen) within the precision area when
linearized and used with MicroTouch EX II Series
Touch Controllers.
ResolutionTouch screen resolution defaults to settings in
the electronics and software, generally 1024 x
1024, but capable of 16K x16K when used
with EX II electronics.
LinearizationFactory linearization values are stored in the
attached controller, represented in a 2D bar code,
or in the touch screen NOVRAM when present.
Optics Light Transmission**
91.5% light transmission (±1.5%).
Surface FinishClearTek II hard coat with optimal anti-glare
properties. Scratch resistant top coat provides
smooth, easy glide touch surface.
Minimum Contact 3 ms for finger input with EX II series controller.
Glass Thickness3.18mm (±0.25mm) typical. (Glass only, not
including flexible tail connection; reference touch
screen drawing for details.)
NEMA rating
NEMA sealable.
GasketingComplete water-resistant seal obtainable with
polyethylene gasket. Please consult ClearTek II
integration guide for further details.
Mounting Please consult MicroTouch ClearTek II Integration Guide for specific mounting instructions.
CleaningWater, isopropyl alcohol, or similar
non-abrasive cleaners.
Reliability Surface ObstructionsTouch screens operation withstands surface
contaminants such as, dirt, dust and grease.
Chemical ResistanceClearTek II is highly resistant to a variety of
solvents, acids, and household chemicals in
accordance with ASTM-D-1308-02e1 and
ASTM-F-1598-95 (reapproved 2002).
Liquid ResistanceLiquids on screen do not impede touch screen
Operating -15° C to 70° C for the touch screen.
StorageAlways store the touch screen in its original
Temperature shipping container between -50°C and 85°C
(up to 90% RH from 0° C to + 35° C). Never store touch screens in an environment where condensation may form.
Display Size Supported 6.4” to 32” diagonal.
Mechanical (Continued)
HumidityUp to 90% RH from 0° C to +35° C,
Surface Scratch A Mohs pick with a hardness rating of 7 or higher
Hardnessis required to induce a scratch which will cause
a functional failure. Functionality unaffected by
severe abrasion per MIL-C-675-C, exceeding
number of specified cycles. Functionality
unaffected by 10,500 grams of force per Balance
Beam Scrape Adhesion Mar Tester with loop
* Achievement of the listed specifications has been demonstrated in monitor integrations where the touch screen is mounted to monitor frame such that the spacing
between the touch screen and monitor screen does not vary due to compression / expansion from touch forces or temperature changes.
** Test uses BYK Gardner Haze Gard Plus.
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for lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls or polybrominated diphenyl ethers; or (b) 0.01% (by weight) for cadmium. Unless otherwise stated by 3M in writing, this
information represents 3M’s knowledge and belief based on information provided by third party suppliers to 3M. (9/06)
NOTICE: Given the variety of factors that can affect the use and performance of a 3M Touch Systems Product (the “Product”), including that solid state equipment has operation characteristics different from electro mechanical equipment, some of which factors are uniquely within User’s knowledge and control, it is essential that User evaluate the 3M Touch Systems
Product and software to determine whether it is suitable for User’s particular purpose and suitable for User’s method of application. 3M Touch Systems’ statements, engineering/technical
information, and recommendations are provided for User’s convenience, but their accuracy or completeness is not warranted. 3M Touch Systems products and software are not specifically
designed for use in medical devices as defined by United States federal law. 3M Touch Systems products and software should not be used in such applications without 3M Touch Systems’
express written consent. User should contact its sales representative if User’s opportunity involves a medical device application.
IMPORTANT NOTICE TO PURCHASER: Specifications are subject to change without notice. These 3M Touch Systems’ Products and software are warranted to meet their published
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not be liable in any action against it in any way related to the Products or software for any loss or damages, whether non-specified direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential
(including downtime, loss of profits or goodwill) regardless of the legal theory asserted. (7/02)
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