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FAAST XS Fire Alarm Aspiration
Sensing Technology®
FAAST XS® aspirating smoke detectors from GamewellFCI deliver highly accurate Very Early Warning Fire Detection for the smaller applications and offer extensive communication capabilities. The FAAST XS combines
advanced particle separation with unique dual source optical smoke detection technology to provide highly sensitive
Very Early Warning Fire Detection while providing
enhanced immunity to false alarms. This technology
enables FAAST XS to accurately detect incipient fire conditions as early as 60 minutes before a fire actually starts
when set for Early Warning and Very Early Warning Fire
Detection in applications ranging from mission critical to
harsh and extreme environments applications.
The Intelligent FAAST XS Detector, AAD-7100X, can be
wired without additional hardware to a new or pre-existing
Signaling Line Circuit (SLC). The SLC is used for transmitting communications directly to an E3 Series® or S3 Series
fire alarm control panel, utilizing the Velociti® mode. In the
Velociti® mode, the Intelligent FAAST XS will report back to
the fire alarm control panel as an aspirating detector. By
setting the sensitivity levels in PipeIQ®, the fire alarm control panel will initiate pre-alarm and alarm conditions based
on the feedback sent from the FAAST XS unit. Using the
Velociti mode, up to 159 units can populate one SLC. A
Conventional FAAST XS model is also available which
communicates alarm and notifications via Form C relays.
FAAST XS can also be monitored by Serial or TCP Modbus, Ethernet over a LAN or a direct connection, or via
FAAST XS’s onboard USB. When connected to a LAN,
FAAST XS’s email server can provide email event notification to appropriate personnel..
PipeIQ® is FAAST XS’s intuitive design, configuration, and
monitoring software. The all-in-one program can be used
to create a pipe network tailored to meet site specific
requirements, configure a FAAST XS device, and monitor
an installed device -- including live trending and reading of
historic reports.
*A complimentary download of PipeIQ is available at
• Provides Very Early Warning Fire Detection, as precise
as 0.00029%/ft obscuration.
• Intelligent version (AAD-7100X) offers direct SLC connectivity to an E3 or S3 panel via the Velociti protocol,
with up to 159 Intelligent FAAST XS devices per loop.
• Three alarm levels and three sensitivity modes provide
application flexibility.
• User configurable 3-speed fan, allowing for maximum
coverage area or minimizing on current consumption.
• Ultrasonic flow sensing and chamber airflow monitoring
for precise system health information.
• A single device covers up to 5,000 square ft. (464 sq.m).
• Dual source optical detection chamber with enhanced
algorithms provide high sensitivity with greater immunity
to nuisance conditions.
• Patented particle separator removes large, non-fire particulate, ensuring chamber health and extending the life
of the field replaceable filter.
• TCP and Serial modbus for easy integration with building management systems.
• Easy configuration via USB interface,no external power.
• Onboard Ethernet interface enables remote monitoring,
configuration, web server and e-mail notifications.
• Multilingual LCD user interface allows for detailed
device information and interaction such as: Active
faults, precise airflow monitoring, reset of airflow baseline, test/reset/isolate, and more.
• Configurable air flow fault thresholds & verification period.
• Convenient wiring compartment.
• Status-at-a-glance provides immediate alarm, fault and
airflow status.
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FAAST® is a registered trademark of System Sensor Inc.
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Specifications (Continued)
FAAST XS Specifications
Electrical Specifications
Network Services
External Supply Voltage 18-30 VDC
Remote Reset Time
External monitor must be pulled
low for a minimum of 100 ms
Power Reset
1 sec.
Avg. Operating Current Fan High - 200mA, 4.8W;
Fan Med - 151mA, 3.7W;
Fan Low - 120mA, 2.1W
Fan High - 230mA, 5.6W;
Fan Med - 172mA, 4.2W;
Fan Low - 142mA, 3.5W
Relay Contact Ratings 3.0 A @ 30 VDC;
0.5 A @ 125 VAC;
3 (Int.) or 5 (Conv.) Form C,
3 AMP, programmable latching
or non-latching.
Average SLC
Operating Current:
700 µA
10/100Mbps, MDI-X
TCP or Serial RS-485
6 recipients, selectable
Read Configuration Live View,
Configuration Specifications
USB or Ethernet
Ethernet or RS-485
Figure 1 illustrates the FAAST XS user interface display.
Operating Specifications
Operating Temperature 32°F (0°C) to 100°F (38°C);
Factory Tested to 131°F (55°C)
Sampled Air
-4°F (-20°C) to 140°F (60°C)
Humidity Range
10 to 95% (non-condensing)
Sensitivity Range
0.00029% Obs/ft to 6.25%
Obs/ft (0.000095% Obs/m to
20.5% Obs/m)
IP Rating
Coverage Area
5,000 ft. (464 sq.m)
Air Movement
0-4,000 ft./min. (0-1,219 m/min.)
Physical Specifications
Cable Access
Wire Gauge
11.0 in (279 mm)
9.0 in (229 mm)
6.25 in (159 mm)
3 1-inch (2.54 cm) cable entry
holes on top, and back of the
12 AWG (2.05 mm) max. to
24 AWG (0.5 mm) min.
Figure 1 - Intelligent FAAST XS User Interface Display
The User Interface consists of 3 Alarm levels:
• Alert
• 10 Particulate levels
• Fire 1
• 10 Airflow indicators
• Fire 2
• 4 Fault indicators, LCD
Maximum Single Pipe
180 ft. (54.9)*
Total Aggregate Pipe
225 ft. (68.6 m)*
*All designs must be verified within PipeIQ software.
Outside Pipe Diameter 1,050 inches, IPS (25 mm)
Internal Pipe Diameter 0.591 to 0.827 inches (15-21 mm)
3 (Int.) or 5 (Conv.) Form C,
3 AMP, programmable latching
or non-latching
Diagnostic Specifications
Event Log
18,000 events stored
Trend Data Log
Configurable sampling period
(1 minute to 1 day)
Service Log
300 custom user entries
Networking Specifications
Ethernet monitoring, 6 E-mail
address alerts, TCP and
Serial Modbus
Ordering Information
Part Number
Intelligent FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration
Sensing Technology (5,000 sq. foot unit)
Conventional FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration
Sensing Technology (5,000 sq. foot unit)
UL®-Approved Pipe and Fittings
† Additional accessory information, including part numbers, can be accessed at
12 Clintonville Road, Northford, CT 06472-1610 USA • Tel: (203) 484-7161 • Fax: (203) 484-7118
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